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Down to Earth Rainbow Wedding


Sandra Ardizzone

May 25, 2021

After years of fighting for equality, Switzerland just legalised gay marriage last year, and while Jasmin and Lorena's wedding fell before the official date (they were married on August 22nd and gay marriage - rather than civil partnerships - were made legal from 8th December) they didn't want to wait one second longer to be wife and wife. They planned a celebration that was both down to earth and timeless, but celebrated who they are and their love.

Retro and Rockabilly Wedding in Switzerland


Stefan Hellberg

February 9, 2015

Patty and Dani were married on their 13th anniversary at Ch√Ęteau de la Grande Riedera in Switzerland. "The Inspiration for our wedding was to spend a relaxed day with our family and friends, where everyone would feel comfortable", Patty began. "The original plan was a quiet BBQ somewhere close to a lake, but that seemed to be a very difficult task. Somehow the venue, budget and date never fit together. As that didn't work out, we looked for something different and found the Chateau de la Grande Riedera, which was perfect. We loved that all parts of the wedding could take place at the same location, which made it a very relaxed atmosphere. It also allowed us to organise the caterer we wanted to have which brought us back at least parts of the BBQ idea."