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An Orchard Elopement: Dustin & Rebecca

Dustin & Rebecca had a tiny wedding on 11.11.11 – four years to the day that they met. Incredibly they also planned their wedding in just two weeks.

“Our inspiration came from so many places!” the bride told me. “I think the fact that we had only 2 weeks to plan and a very small budget sort of worked to our favor. We were blessed with so much generosity from our friends, family, and strangers (who are now friends). I knew that I wanted to hand make as much as I could for the big day, make all the details count, and I knew I wanted to marry Dustin in a beautiful outdoor setting.”

“I can’t begin to explain how happy we are with how everything turned out. One of my favorite parts is that if we did not decide to say ‘screw it!’ to the big wedding we would have never met Amber and Jon of Live It Out Photography or the lovely owners of Ya Ya Apple Orchard! It was a perfect day really.”

The day started with the whole wedding party getting ready together at the couple’s house. “We sat and enjoyed coffee, eggs, and toast for a couple of hours while we got to know two of our new favorite people (our photographers!)” she continued. “Then we sort of lackadaisically got dressed and ready to head to the apple orchard. All the people, fussing, and stressing that might be associated with the morning of someones wedding was completely non existent.”

Their ceremony was held at  Ya Ya Apple Orchard. “The lovely and sweet owners of the orchard greeted us with a horse drawn carriage that took us to the spot where we had the ceremony. It was short, sweet, and sincere and our dogs were running at our feet the entire time. We had a small ‘reception’ picnic with apple cider and fresh apple cider donuts made right there on the farm. I would say apples were a big part of the theme, being married on an apple orchard was like a dream come true that I never knew I had. Afterwards we walked around the farm and said hello to all the adorable animals. We could not have asked for a better November day.”

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Ruth & Oliver’s Rustic Orchard Wedding

I utterly adore Ruth & Oliver’s beautiful orchard wedding! In fact as soon as photographer Abbye told me about the details I knew I’d be loving it. “When I first met up with Ruth to talk about her wedding she brought along a huge glass jam jar. After talking over details Ruth pulled out the jar and told me “I know this might sound strange, but I just want to have jam jars everywhere…”  to others it might have sounded strange, but I totally got what she was going for.”

“On the day of the wedding Ruth had found not only hundreds of old glass jam jars but a variety of old type writers, chalk boards, and suitcases.  Many of the small details were found by Ruth at various thrift and antique stores around Vancouver.” 

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Family Ties

This beeeautiful family/bridal shoot was submitted to me by the bride, Kim, a few months ago and I have been eagerly awaiting the images from photographer Natalie for what feels like an age! I was so excited when they arrived that I couldn’t wait to get them up. You’ll see why! This gorgeous family had a shoot that would not only remind them of their wedding day, but that encompassed them as a unit

“My inspiration, and Kim’s inspiration connected immediately!” Natalie tells me “It’s not that I “try” to be different,.. it just happens! I am attracted to art, not tradition. I am a freelance artist besides a photographer, so when thoughts/visions and poses come into my mind… I have to draw them out! I have been asked how I think of my poses when I shoot… and I really don’t know how to answer it. The thoughts come to me randomly. Driving, or just sitting at home working. Kim is so creative and artistic herself, but the two of us together, created so much style! Kim let me be creative, and completely trusted me to do whatever I wanted.”


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I fancied starting off the week with a bit of non-wedding gorgeousness. I’m sure you’ll forgive me when you lay your eyes on these little beauties. Pomegranates, a gorgeous orchard, a stunning model, a cute doggie and a generally retro feel make these worth the deviation.


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Couple’s Sessions

I think Gareth & I need to do a ‘couple’s session’ soon! Who says you only get an engagement shoot to show of what a gorgeous couple you are?! Kim & Darren…all I can really say about these is le swooooon! I’m still loving the vintage camera trend too aren’t you?


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