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A Spanish Superhero Themed Wedding with a Belfast Music Hall Reception


Eloy Munoz

October 11, 2018

Jamie and Michael had two very different wedding celebrations -  a small family-focused event in the scorching heat in Malaga and a second a few weeks later, for all the rest of their friends and family back home in Belfast... in the rain! The two events couldn't be more different (the bride even changed her hair colour between the two!) but both felt completely right for them. After all, isn't that what being a Rock n Roll bride is all about?

Good Music, Food & Wine: A New Year’s Eve Wedding in Belfast

Erin Balfour

Simple Tapestry

June 7, 2018

Music is a massive thing for Carrie and Dee, who met at a house party after they'd finished working at Belfast Music Week in 2011, plus Carrie photographs bands for Getty Images (as well as weddings!) so it was a major theme for their New Year's Eve celebration. Their other big love is good food and wine, so the meal had to be amazing! Basically, they said, it was all about everyone enjoying themselves.