Revenge of the Sith Warehouse Wedding

Ondre Jvyska

July 29, 2019

Attention Star Wars fanatics, Adéla and Milan’s wedding is about to blow your mind! They met at a LARP battle and are big LARPers and Star Wars fans, so obviously they had to bring both of these things into their day. They found an amazing warehouse in Prague to host it, and went ALL OUT on the theme.

Although they make many of their own costumes usually, for their wedding they decided to hire a dressmaker to create their outfits which were based on the Sith robes. “Milan’s was inspired by Kylo Rens’ robe from Episode VII and I was inspired by many different Pinterest Sith robes and Amidala pins”, said Adéla.

The warehouse space was the perfect backdrop for them, but it was a completely empty shell meaning they had to bring everything in themselves. “Since the factory was insanely big we prepared just three rooms”, she continued. “One where the ceremony was (after it transformed into a dance floor), another with the food and drinks and the third which had a projector where we played all the movies and some comfy sofas. There was also a table with Lego where people could make spaceships for a competition!”

“I would say that the whole wedding was one big DIY project but the biggest and brightest project was for sure our photo backdrop. I saw a lot of them on Pinterest but I wanted ours to be Star Wars themed. We made hexagon one but red led lights rather than flowers so it looked like Sith empire emblem. Our second biggest DIY project was probably those imperial flags. We just measured the place, bought fabric and then the night before our wedding I painted the imperial emblems on the flags.”

The ceremony was a traditional civil ceremony, but their officiant personalised it for them in a small way. “We didn’t have religious ceremony so our officiant was mayor of a nearby town. He was pretty cool, I was told that first he was kind of shocked by the whole theme of our wedding but in the end he did a great job. At the end he smiled and said ‘May the force be with you’, which we weren’t expecting! We also didn’t have rings because we don’t wear them. In the ceremony was just symbolically switched gummy rings from IKEA! They were delivered to us by an R2B2 droid which i bought for a lot of money on eBay!”

“The best thing about planning our wedding was doing all the decorations”, she concluded. “The hardest was my lack of time management. Don’t be afraid to ask for help of your friends! They will probably very surprise you because mostly everyone loves weddings and mostly everyone is willing to help you.”