A Surprise Rooftop Bridal Shower


October 4, 2016


I don’t know if I’ve ever featured photos from a bridal shower on the blog (except my sister’s hen do of course, does that count?) but I loved the photos and story behind Sarah’s so much that I’ve decided to share it.


“One of the most important things for me in the run up to our wedding was to ask my best friend if she wants to be my maid of honour” Sarah explained. “I was planning on sending her a special card which I’d had designed especially for her. What I didn’t know was that Manuela, the designer, told her and all my closest friends (who were to  become my bridesmaids) about the idea! Together they then started to organise a whole party on a rooftop terrace to celebrate the occasion and our friendships. The whole decoration and details where in the same colour range as the cards!”


“As planned, I asked my friend to be my maid of honour and she said yes! Then two days later my husband-to-be gave me a beautiful peach dress that he had bought for me, told me to put it on and drove me to a friend’s house. I had no idea what was going on! We went up to the terrace and got the biggest surprise as everyone was there waiting for me! I was speechless as I saw all my friends blowing bubbles and the absolutely stunning decoration which all matched the card I had had designed!”


“The best part of the surprise was that they organised a photographer to capture it and it ended with a great photo of me and all my bridesmaids in front of a brick wall. I definitely have the best friends on this planet and I can’t wait to share my wedding day with them!”