Relaxed Fun Party Vibes

Through The Woods We Ran

August 25, 2016

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Hannah and Trent were married at Matilda Bay Reserve in Perth, Western Australia. They hired furniture and knick knacks from Turtle and the Pelican and Maisey Collections to furnish the outdoor space. They also borrowed lots of props from friends.

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“The two biggest factors to us choosing our venue were that we were able to bring our own booze and there was no curfew which was very difficult to find in Perth”, began the bride. “A friend suggested to look at public reserve spaces and hiring a marquee. After booking Matilda Bay Reserve I felt that a marquee would look tacky and ruin my vintage look with all the dark wooden furniture items, which then lead me to find Zest Event Design who hire out tipis. I fell in love instantly but due to the price we could only get one, which was fine for a cocktail setting. The tipi looked amazing suited the vibe and was well used. We danced in the tipi till 4am in the morning!”

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I guess our theme was vintage”, she continued. “That and wanting to having relaxed and fun party vibes. Our ceremony was written by me to ensure it was short and sweet. It started with a blessing from our parents, a brief story on how we met and what we achieved together, a reading from our friends and our vows. Was about 10 mins long which was lucky because it was about 40 degrees outside in the sun!”

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The bride designed her own dress with the help of a friend, “Lisa was amazing and made the experience really personable. I also saved money by having one made. I knew I was never going to find a dress my style that I wanted and really didn’t want a hefty price tag… Why would you spend all that money on something you wear once and knowing my track record it was going to get trashed!? Lisa used fabrics that were sturdy, not expensive, and created my dream dress for $600 (and yes it did get trashed!)”

Through The Woods We Ran

“The jewellery I wore were all sentimental to me in some way, a key bracelet from my dad and another vintage bracelet with three rubies on it from my three sisters. My earrings were the ones my stepmother wore when she married my dad and a ring that was my late mothers.”