DIY Camping and Festival Wedding

Alex Abbott Photography

May 1, 2016

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Georgia and Mark did everything themselves for their festival inspired August wedding. They budget was just £4000 and the day was held in a field in the Lake District.

“It didn’t feel like there was a theme to the wedding”, the bride explained. “It just reminded me of the parties that my parents have been throwing since I can remember. Our inspiration was to have nice people, having a nice time. Nothing too structured and very chilled out.”

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“Instead of gifts, each guest gave us £20 towards the cost of the field, alcohol and food”, she continued. “We compared it to having a bar and having to pay for a hotel. This helped a lot and we are still very grateful. Our guests set up tents on the afternoon of the wedding then got ready for things to kick off. Everyone camped overnight, even people that have never slept in tents or visited the countryside. There were no strangers involved in the wedding. We knew every single person that was there.”

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“Our cake was made by my mum and a family friend, the flowers were from a friend of my parents, my husband designed the stationery and all our friends helped with the set up and break down. The food was cooked by another family friend who is a chef. As a gift to us he only asked for expenses. Our DJs were friends too. We had four of them playing reggae, hip hop, funk and soul and house. We partied all through the night and when it got to around 4am we had a silent disco!”

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“The only thing that I wish I’d know before we started planning was how long everything takes”, she laughed “More time would have been nice… we planned the whole thing in five months. I thought I was throwing a party not a wedding so I didn’t even think about knifes and forks until days before!”

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“We are both very chilled out as a couple and on the day we forgot the little traditions like throwing the bouquet and our first dance”, she concluded. “We cut the cake the next morning in our hungover state! All these things seemed irrelevant to us, it was much more important to just enjoy ourselves. We went straight onto the party where we danced all night until the early hours of the next morning.”

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