15 Alternative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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February 12, 2016

15 Alternative Valentine's Day Date Ideas (1)

I don’t know about you, but the thought of going out to dinner on Valentine’s day and sitting in a crowded restaurant with a hundred other couples isn’t my idea of romance. In fact Gareth and I have NEVER been out for dinner on V-day… and we’ve had 14 of them together!

Dinner and a movie is BORING y’all, and who wants to celebrate with something played out and obvious? So, for your romantic pleasure, here are 15 alternative and unusual ideas for this weekend!


Not all dates have to happen at night, especially as Valentine’s falls on a weekend this year. Start the day off right with an opulent brunch. You can go somewhere fancy or make it at home and eat it in bed!

Go on a bike ride

Doing an activity together is much more fun than just sitting, staring into each other’s eyes. How about a brisk walk or bike ride followed by a pub lunch?

Visit a museum

Museums are cool. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Be a tourist in your own city

You know those historic places in your own town that the tourists flock you and you’ve never found the time to visit? Now is your chance! If you don’t live in a big city, why not hop on the train to your nearest big smoke and have a day of adventure?

Cook a three-course meal

Going to the supermarket together and picking out the ingredients is all part of the fun too. You could each do a course (Come Dine With Me style) but I think it’s better if you do it all together and it’s something you’ve never made before. Even if your soufflé ends up looking like a pancake, you’ll just laugh through it (and then order a takeaway!)

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Go see a band

You could go and see someone you already like, but its way more interesting to Russian Roulette it! Check out your local paper’s live music section and go see someone you’ve never heard of. They could be terrible, or they could be utterly amazing – that’s all part of the fun!

Take a class

Pottery, jewellery-making, spin… There are so many classes you can take, so why not do one together? It’ll be even better if it’s something neither of you have done before. You’ll probably be surprised just how much you enjoy it. Gareth and I once did a ring making workshop together. We had the BEST TIME and we got to make each other some rings, which we both still wear to this day!

Get lost in nature

Take a long walk on the beach… at your nearby woods… up a mountain! Just start walking and see where you end up!

Video game arcade

No explanation needed here. Get hopped up on sugar and embrace your inner geek!

Zombie apocalypse!

Yep, seriously. In Reading (where I live) one of the old, disused shopping malls in the town centre has been taken over by zombies. If you’re looking to finally face those zombie fantasies then the Zombie Shopping Mall is the date for you!

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Go on a photo booth mission!

I discovered photo booths as a teenager and my obsessed has yet to subside. Grab some props and signs and go take as many strips as you can handle! Afterwards you could make a book of them, tape them up somewhere, use them as bookmarks or even frame them and hang them on your wall.

Go to the beach (yes, in February)

Grab a warm coat, a blanket, something fizzy and a picnic basket and head to your closest beach. Even if you’re not blessed to be living somewhere warm, the beach can be super fun when its cold and quiet. Grab some hot-dogs an doughnuts, go on the carousel, explore the pier – FUN FUN FUN!


I can’t sing for shit, but after a few drinks there is nothing more entertaining that belting out power ballads at the top of your lungs! Places like Lucky Voice let your hire booths so you don’t even have to shame yourself in public.

Scream your lungs out at a theme park

Rollercoasters are the BEST FUN and in February the parks will be quite quiet too. Just be sure to check the opening times and some of them are closed during the winter months.

Stay in bed

… and I’m not talking about sleeping (wink wink, nudge nudge). Get kinky and enjoy!

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