Old School Glamour Meets Festival Wedding

Katie Farrell Photography

September 8, 2015

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Tams and Richie were married in County Wicklow, Ireland, in March. Their day was both glamorous and laid back, with a fun-filled festival theme. “We had been bashing our heads against a wall trying to think of a ‘theme’ for ages, and we landed with Old Hollywood Glamour”, began Tams. “I was doing all of the invitations, props, design, look and feel myself, and I began to get really uncomfortable with the whole Hollywood theme and when people started referencing The Great Gatsby, it really didn’t settle well. It’s a beautiful, stylised theme and I envy anyone who can pull it off, but it just wasn’t us.”

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“So Richie started to tease it out; what are we looking for on our big day? The answer was simple: Fun! Fun! Fun! We just wanted lots of colour and fun, a vibrant and energetic party where people can come and feel like themselves, not tied to any formalities or too much structure. Kick your shoes off and dance! I think, in the end, we actually managed to combine the two pretty well.”

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“One we’d settled on our new theme, the fun-fuelled festival vibe evolved very naturally”, she continued. “The invitations were high-colour and vibrant and set the tone for a festival day. On arrival our guests were given a VIP festival pass outlining the run sheet for the day, as well as the ‘line-up’. I printed our seating arrangements on LP records and each table was given a music / festival-based name, which was mirrored in the dining room where the table names were displayed on records.”

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Tams amazing sequin dress was by Gibson Bespoke and her shoes were custom Christian Louboutins. “I splashed the cash on my shoes, because my name is Tamara and I am a shoe-aholic. I had a pair of custom Louboutins commissioned through the store in Brown Thomas. This was a real splurge, and I did sweat afterwards, a stiff cocktail was required and the reassurance from my bridesmaids that it was ok. Now I have a fabulous pair of black, sparkly Louboutins that smile at me whenever I see them! I haven’t worn them since though… I’m afraid to leave the house in them!”

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“There’s not much we’d change about our wedding”, Tams concluded. “However at the beginning I was very anxious to get our suppliers booked and, on reflection, I think I could have haggled harder on some of the prices. However on the day, nothing else mattered. Ultimately, it shouldn’t be about whether the flowers match your cake. It is about a day for you to celebrate your love and commitment with your partner, and share that with family and friends. When it comes to fluffing up a speech or colour scheme being slightly off, the friends that matter don’t care, and the friends that care don’t matter!”

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