Alternative French Chateau Wedding

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Fiona and Christian were married in France at Chateau de Montplaisant. Their inspiration for their wedding, in their own words, was to “invite our guests into our world.”

Fiona explained, “We wanted to share our universe, our tastes and our love with all the guests. That meant anything unique goes! We took lots of decorations from our own home, which we didn’t buy especially for the wedding. Our ceremony officiant was also a friend which made that part of the day very special.”

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“The ceremony was the highlight of our day. It was emotional and held under very beautiful big tree, with an 18th century altar. The weather was unbelievably warm with just a little wind. There were birds singing in the background. It was so intimate and natural. At the end of the ceremony we walked out to the Star Wars theme music to announce the beginning of the party!”

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All the décor was done by the couple too. “The stationery, the signs, the table plan… we did it all. The vintage trunk for the seating plan was decorated by us. We searched for old pictures in antique shops. On the tables we had candles and forks bent back to hold the table name which we made. We also created our own ‘photo booth’ using an old Polaroid and a Instax camera. We brought along props and our guests loved it!”

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The biggest expense was the photographer but they saved money by doing lots of other things themselves. “I found my dress at the Salvation Army for 30 euros!” Fiona said. “It was originally made in the 1960s and was the perfect fit. It took a lot of time to pull our wedding together (two years!) and it wasn’t always smooth sailing, but on d-day is was all totally worth it. We had plenty of help from our friends and although perfection doesn’t exist, the was the best day ever!”

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