1940s Working Class Wedding

Corey Sleap

May 22, 2015

1940s Working Class Wedding (33)

Emily and Josh met in Melbourne, where Emily lived and where Josh was visited from Auckland, New Zealand. Within six months of first meeting, he moved over with his band and they picked up from where they left of!

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“We were heavily inspired by the 1940s for our wedding, especially the working class side of this era”, Emily explained. “The whole day was on a farm with animals, fruit trees and we held the reception in a barn. The girls all had mismatched floral dresses and 1940s styled hair and make up. The boys wore black work wear boots, heavy linen shirts, and fade to zero military haircuts – definitely referencing the prohibition era of American working class for the boys.”

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“All the invites, order of ceremony, and menus were all hand made by us. We screen printed the invites on to calico and sewed different floral fabric on the back of each invite. We had bought old lace curtains from a garage sale, cut it up and sewed it into bunting to decorate the entire venue. Josh built and hand painted road signs to lead our guests to the venue through the Dandenong Ranges.”

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“We spent months collecting old floral plates and jars from op shops and garage sales to dress the table setting and also used the lace curtains as table runners. The jars covered the tables and were filled with fresh flowers. I also handmade all the boys bow ties to match the girls’ dresses.”

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“The DIY saved a lot of money especially on the flowers, the cake, and the band. The flowers were arranged by our niece and the cake was baked by one of my sisters. The live music was performed by ours friends from Five Mile Town.”

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“Our day couldn’t have been any better!”, she concluded. “Don’t worry about things not going as planned. As long as you both stand opposite each other in front of the people you love and your officiant pronounces you husband and wife, the rest won’t even matter!”

1940s Working Class Wedding (35)



  1. Rebecca

    Amazing photos! Where are the big light up ‘L’ and ‘M’ letters from or are they DIY too?! Xx

  2. MissKimberlina

    Some amazing elements to this wedding! Hats off to any DIY brides, I am trying to make and craft as much as possible between everything else at the moment! Posts like this give me more inspiration and motivation that I will be able to pull it off. If our wedding looks a smidge as good as this one then I will be one happy girly! Awesome pics Sassy x

  3. Beautiful wedding! Adding Laura’s website to my favourites as I think she’d be an amazing person to co-ordinate styling a wedding!

  4. leesie

    I love everything about this.
    But mostly the paper goods. The coloring book? ADORABLE. The curtain of paper circles with their names in front? I swooned. AND THAT CONFETTI!
    I’m now going to start collecting attractive paper with which to make confetti. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but whatever it is, it’ll be awesome.

  5. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments : ) it has made my day… week… year!

    And Rebecca, yes, the letters were also DIY… I got seriously geeky ; )

  6. Shelley

    This is beautiful!!!!!!! We are having the same venue for our wedding reception next September and I can not wait!!
    A question for Laura…. do you know how much ‘bunting’ is needed for the room – I’m not sure how much to get for the width of the room and any advice/ tips for Rotherwick Hall would be greatly received!!
    Your day looked amazing! xx

  7. Jaime and Pete (jamball)

    Just beautiful! Certainly made us smile this morning looking through these images. Reminded us of our own wedding which we’ll be celebrating next month.
    Feeling inspired for today’s tasks!

  8. stacey spencer

    I am really surprise, really amazed that persons could get married within a reasonably planned budget. It was lovely, have a great life now god bless you richly.

  9. Just gorgeous…and totally agree best confetti shot ever! Sassy nailed it!! Such a beautiful wedding – Laura and Mike look fab and so happy. Amazing details and photos x

  10. Emma

    Where are the flowers from? I’m dying to make my own but have no idea where to start!

  11. Hi Emma,
    Bouquet – My boss at the time did them for me, he bought from Covent Garden Flower Market
    Reception – A few different super markets the day before!
    Hope that helps
    Laura x


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