Colourful Chilean and Brazilian Backyard Wedding

Monica Muñozi

March 27, 2015

Colourful Chilean Brazilian wedding (46)

Happy Friday! I think this colourful and fun wedding all the way from Chile is the perfect way to head into the weekend, don’t you? After their chapel ceremony, Trini and Fe hosted their reception at the bride’s parent’s home. They had a small budget, $7000, so they did practically everything themselves.

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“We had a very small budget but we wanted to do something very cool”, wrote the bride. “It was totally DIY. The groom’s family all came over from Brazil to Chile for the wedding and so we wanted the whole day to be very chilled out.”

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The whole wedding had a homespun, DIY and casual feel which started with the bride and her father riding to the ceremony on a bicycle! “After the ceremony, Felipe took me back to the house in a wheelbarrow!” she laughed. “We had lunch, typical Brazilian cocktails and homemade snacks. After that we put on our swimsuits and went to the pool. When it got dark, we dressed up again and went to party with our families and friends!”

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Trini’s dress was from Urban Outfitters and shoes were made by street artisans in Salvador. All the flowers in the wedding, including her flower crown, were pulled together by a friend who bought the blooms from a local market. “We saved lots of money by doing the decorations and food ourselves”, she said. “Our family helped us with everything and my aunt cooked all the meals!”

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“One of the funniest moments was when one of the cakes, which my sister made, went to the floor when a friend was bringing it from the kitchen to the table outside! The dogs quickly ate it so it wasn’t a complete waste though!”

“Keep things simple”, Trini advises future brides and grooms, “and remember to enjoy your day!”

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