Brightly Coloured Indie Pop Italian Wedding


February 25, 2015

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Not wanting a super formal, traditional Italian wedding, Licia and Matteo decided that they wanted their day to be low key and fun. They also didn’t want to spent a lot of money so the bride bought her amazing dress from the Concious range at H&M and most of their décor items came from Etsy.

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“In Italy, weddings tend to be very formal and this was very scary for us”, said the bride. “We actually did think about eloping for a while! However eventually we decided that we really wanted a fun wedding day, with your friends and family, that could match our personalities. We tried to not panic and focused on what was important for us.”

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“This included keeping it cosy and intimate. We wanted to share our day with only our closest friends and family, so we tried to keep our wedding guest list short. We also wanted a fun bright wedding with a touch of DIY. We also wanted lots of great music!”

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The couple picked their theme to be a ‘bright indie pop wedding’. “First of all we choose a very bright colour palette of red, orange, green, yellow and blue”, the bride continued. “We had lots of bunting and lots of balloons. We created our own invitations shaped as a vinyl record and table place cards using CDs with our playlist on. We also made a welcome kit for each guest which included personalised pins, stickers, hearth shaped confetti and a bubble blower.”

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“Of course, our music themed wedding had lots of music in it! We had not one, not two, but three live bands: a female a cappella trio for the ceremony, a brass band and a weird alt-pop-jazz band for the closing dances.”

“One of the best bits of the day was getting ready together”, she continued. “We also slept together the night before and my dress was not a secret. I also loved the end of the night when we went to the airport – still in our wedding clothes – to catch a plane for our honeymoon!”

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“My advice to other couples is simple yet fundamental”, she concluded, “Choose what you really want to do and not what it is expected and have fun! if you’re not having fun planning the best day of your life then you are not doing it right!”

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