Edgy Daily Errands Bridal Shoot

The Melideos

November 15, 2014

bridal daily errands28

Your wedding dress is probably going to be the most beautiful dress you’ve ever owned. So don’t you think it’s such a shame that you only get to wear it for one day in your life!? Wedding photographers The Melideos were thinking about this idea and decided to do a shoot to show that it doesn’t have to be like that!

bridal daily errands16

“The idea for the shoot came from personal experience”, wrote photographer Mer. “I bought a beautiful dress for my wedding but I’ve only worn it the one time! So I dreamed up this bride that is so fearless and fun that she wears her gown for her daily errands. She goes grocery shopping, does her laundry, picks up dry-cleaning, all in her fabulous dress.”

bridal daily errands21

“We recently rebranded our business and we wanted to do a photo shoot to kick off our new site and announce our official move back to New York City”, she continued. “We want to bring a more editorial, edgy vibe to the wedding world, which can feel a little too sweet and saccharine sometimes! We were hoping to do something a little bit different than your typical bride and groom wrapped in the veil looking into each other’s eyes standing in the middle of a meadow. Something real, gritty, and a little badass. We’re also trying to show brides that when it comes to weddings, you can bring out your inner badass too!”

bridal daily errands20

Would you do a fun post-wedding shoot like this?