Rainy Summer Back Garden Wedding: Aaron & Vicky

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Although a worry for a lot of brides and grooms, rain on your wedding day isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Although you might be a bit damp (and hey, if you’re in the UK you’re probably quite used to being in a permanent state of saturation) I promise you your wedding will still be wonderful – even if the whole thing is outdoors! Yes, Aaron and Vicky planned for their entire summer wedding to take place on Willow Farm, Vicky’s family home.

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“There was a month’s worth of rain on our wedding day”, began the bride. “We have been told this means good luck and that we will be rich in the future. I do hope that is true but on the day it meant we had lots of umbrellas and wellies. We did manage to have the actual ceremony outside despite the weather. And we have plenty of cocktails to keep everyone’s spirits high!”

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“We called it our wedding ‘wedfest’ on the invite”, she continued. “We had camping for our friends so they could dance all night and flop in a tent. We stayed in a yurt in the field, it was brilliant. Aunts, friends and mums grew all the flowers for the wedding and my good friend arranged them all so it was very a group effort. Having friends come and help beforehand meant everyone felt part of it – lots of people stayed on for the following days as well. It turned into a bit of a four day event as there was lots of food and drink left over.”

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“Certain elements were really important to be good such as food, drink and music. Other than that we tried to be very relaxed about it for example no table plans, order of ceremony, no top table or favours etc. It sounds like small things but meant we could concentrate on what was important for us. Basically food was definitely where the majority of our budget went but it was so worth every penny.”

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“The other extravagance might also be the chairs – they were all different mix-match hotch-potch style and it’s hard to source that in deepest darkest Essex so we paid to have them delivered from Staffordshire. However as it was the same chairs for the ceremony and the reception (guests had to pick their chairs up from the garden and carry them into the marquee) it seemed to be justified.”

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  1. Ah I love farm weddings! Huge congratulations to Aaron and Vicky, your day looked amazing!!! And I take my hat off to Lee, who took these gorgeous photos in the rain!

  2. Ahhh, so nice to see Vicky on here! Such a gorgeous wedding, and she looks AMAZING. So many lovely details (yes to the chairs!) and just proves that wet weather can’t dampen a wonderful day! Fab work from Mr Robbins too x

  3. Ali

    Does anyone know what those things are called that the colourful bunting is made from? They look like laser cut placemats? Been looking for ages but no idea what to search for! Gorgeous wedding, makes me a bit less worried about the weather for my farm wedding next month!

  4. What a gorgeous wedding. The photos are beautiful and all the details are simply lovely. Vicky’s wedding dress is pure bliss!

  5. Holly

    Lovely wedding. I was wondering if a special license was needed to get married outside? I love the idea of a garden wedding but thought that could only be done in the US.

  6. Alana

    Beautiful wedding and I think the rain adds to the romance and photos! Where did the bride get the Moon background from? X


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