Los Angeles Backyard Wedding: Misti & Asaf

Jonas Seaman

February 7, 2014

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Having been to a lot of their friend’s weddings, Misti and Asaf always enjoyed the more casual celebrations the most. So for their own in October, they wanted it to be similarly laid back and full of personal touches. They held the wedding in their own house, which they remodelled especially for the event. This added to the no pressure party atmosphere and kept the day small and intimate.

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“We own a Craftsman house built in 1905″, wrote the bride, ” and we only moved in a week before our wedding! My husband is a designer and builder. We planned a 10 week remodelling before the wedding. There was a ton of work done on the house. Some of the work included: completely remodelling the kitchen, putting in new hardwood floors, new landscaping, and painting the house inside and out.”

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“My family and some awesome Midwesterners showed up early in the week to help us unpack and get ready for the wedding. When they showed up, we did not even have a kitchen sink. During our rehearsal dinner, our front yard fence was being built. On the Saturday of the wedding, a friend put on the house numbers a few hours before our guests began arriving. By the time the ceremony started, the house was completely transformed into a beautiful home and wedding.”

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“The whole thing was a real communal project. We did some typical DIY wedding things like make seed bombs for wedding favors and putting together gift bags for out of town guests and kids. However, most of the real DIY stuff for our was related to remodelling. Having the wedding in our home made it amazingly special. As we look out into our backyard, we can see where we took our vows and celebrated with friends and family. In a way, it makes our wedding part of our everyday lives.”

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