Extreme Zombie and Horror Wedding: Rachel & Pete

Kelly Nason

January 30, 2014


It might be Valentine’s Day, not Halloween, that’s just around the corner but that couldn’t stop me wanting to share Rachel and Pete’s amazing zombie horror wedding with you today! This baby blows the lid of anything you’ve seen before, I’m sure of it. Bride and groom in full make up and costume? Check! Guests all dressed their scariest best? Check! Cake the shape of a zombie, bride being brought down the aisle in a coffin, trick or treat themed sweet buffet? Check, check check!


“I had seen Pete at punk shows for years, all through high school to be exact”, began the bride. “I would always try to go to see his bands play but would have to leave early because I was too young to drive myself. We finally ended up talking and meeting through mutual friends years later and things just clicked.”


“We have always been obsessed with horror and Halloween since we were young. Every year we throw an insane Halloween party, and then of course try to top it the following year. We figured the wedding would be the ultimate Halloween party.”


“There was absolutely nothing normal about this wedding. Walking down the aisle wasn’t interesting enough so the groom and bridal party danced into the room to Thriller.  I was carried down the aisle in a coffin by the groomsmen I’m not sure if I would ever want to do that again but at least it was memorable! Also, I’m not too keen on speaking in public so we did magic shows instead of reciting vows. It was a lot easier being cut in half and then stabbing the groom instead of having to say more than a couple of words. The zombie cake was also a hit. It made some people a little uneasy (it was dyed red on the inside) but it was delicious.”


“We needed to have some bad ass decorations but we didn’t have a huge budget”, she continued. “One of the coolest things we had were two projectors set up, one inside the room and one outside. The one inside played blood dripping down the ceiling that also wrote out ‘murder’, ‘get out!’ and other fun things. The one outside was my favorite. It was set up to play on the windows and it looked like zombies were scratching at them in. The dvd’s were $40 each and we borrowed the projectors from friends. We also used toe tags to write down people’s names, table numbers and, of course, how they died. The table numbers were carved into pumpkins. They were a nice, inexpensive touch.”


“It’s really hard to describe everything that happened…there was waaaay too much going on!” she concluded, “But make sure you check out the video highlights!”