Quirky and Colourful Handmade Wedding: Netty & Andy


Netty and Andy were married in Northampton during August. They wanted their wedding to be colourful and fun. “We picked wedding suppliers that were really arty and talented”, began the bride. “Our photographer, Hannah of Casey Avenue, was both creative and quirky which suited our style perfectly.”


Hattie & Flora did our flowers and took our colourful brief and ran with it! By having such great suppliers our wedding was really relaxed and really ‘us’. It was such a lovely celebration, and apart from being a bit nervous, we didn’t feel stressed. It wasn’t too fussy, we just had a really good party.”


“One of my favourite things about our wedding is our photos”, she continued. “We loved taking them in the forest and we’re so glad we had Hannah, we were so lucky to find her. She really ‘got us’ and the photos are really quirky but natural. My family thought she was so friendly and professional. The photographer can really make your day. It goes by so quickly that it’s important that you can see all the little things in the photos that we might have missed on the day.”




  1. Terri Cheshire

    Hi Kat,
    Over the years I have squirreled away so many ideas from your blog BUT the biggest thing to thank you for is the introduction to Casey Avenue. I have managed to secure Hannah for my wedding and very chuffed. Beautiful photography as displayed here.

  2. Great pictures and everyone is having fun which is the most important thing. I have to mention the shoe pics also and that the shoes match the dresses.Were they dyed ? Got to ask as we are finding that our dyeing service is getting more and more popular.
    Great blog by the way

  3. Netty Anwyl

    mour wedding day was so lovely and Andy and i had 2 years saving up for the wedding and planning all the details in the last year it all came together as i meet lots of lovely people like Hannah from casy Avenue who was so lovely and the photos were just what i dreamed off and more .when i look at the photos i have a big smile and they take me back to all those special moments
    thanks so much hannah xxx
    i was also lucky to have very arty friends who i met at my local stich and bitch and we had makey days together for the wedding to make pom poms and much more . my sis who is a fab makeup artist did my hair and make-up and made my lovely bow for my hair what, else could a girl want .me and my little brides made had gold glitter shoes and my sis had silver and my friend had yellow shoes we didn’t want matching shoes as i love all lots of colours so in the end it looked like a rainbow of colour which i love


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