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August 11, 2013

crown and glory

Happy Sunday you beautiful creatures! I wanted to pop by today to just say a huge thank you and to share some love for everyone who’s ordered, instagrammed or blogged about my little headpiece collection. Sophie and I have been BLOWN AWAY by the response – so much so that the day we launched was Crown and Glory’s biggest day for orders EVER and in the first few days alone she used over 12,000 gems making all the pieces that had been purchased. WHOA!

Thank you to all these babeing bloggers who’ve mentioned or featured the collection. I love you!

Boho Weddings ♥ Twinkie Chan ♥ Gala Darling ♥ Fishee Designs ♥ Wrapped Up in Weddings ♥ Fete ♥ Whimsical Wonderland Weddings ♥ Want that Wedding ♥ Head Full of Feathers (the rainbow necklace I wore in the lookbook was by her – a lot of you have asked me about it)! ♥ Little Purple Stocking ♥ Goat + Wolf ♥ Devlin Photos ♥ Ruby Weddings ♥ Little Capulet ♥ Beyond Beyond ♥

And to everyone that sent me photos using the #rockglory tag – you all look amazing!


The collection has also been picked up by a few national magazines (OMG) and is being stocked in a couple of boutiques around the world including The Couture Company and My Flash Trash. IT’S ALL SO EXCITING!

Keep those photos coming, I will never tire of seeing them. I might just flip out a little when I see the first bride or bridesmaids wearing one of them though.

Have you ordered yours yet?


  1. Ahh sorry to hear you’re going through a rough patch. It’s totally normal and I tend to feel like this once a year or so.

    Take some time for yourselves and hope you’ll be feeling better soon! <3

  2. Georgina

    I love your blog! Be it personal posts about body confidence (girl, u got this) or people’s gorgeous weddings (they get the old creative juices flowing whilst I’m still planning mine).
    I’d hate to see you give this up! But I do also follow you on instagram too and understand your pain.

    I hope you find yourself again soon and maybe think about hiring an additional writer to give you a helping hand, It’s not failure, if you ask for help!

    You got this!

  3. I think this is totally normal. I felt like this with my fair, which is why I took a break and had time to re-evaluate. I think it’s really hard when you are trading to run this, a magazine and do up a house at the same time. I was in a similar situation recently. It’s tiredness. Your blog is still amazing and you need to give yourself some slack! Lovely honest post!

  4. It’s so refreshing to read honest posts! I blogged once a week last year as I set it as a resolution and I didn’t realise how much I wouldn’t enjoy it. At the end it was a proper struggle! And now it looms over me that I haven’t blogged since April.

    I’m gonna quit being hard on myself and when I feel I’ve something to say, I’ll let it come. No point churning out content for the sake of content when you’re not feeling it, right?

  5. Kat, we totally love you here in Spain. is my fetish blog as I am starting my own alternative Wedding Planning Company.

    There’s nothing like your blog here and it’s so inspiring for me and alternative couples that are hesitating yo tie the knot because they don’t feel they fit in the whole Wedding thing.

    It’s amazing to see their faces light up when you tell them all the the cool things they can do to celebrate their love.

    So hang in there!!!

    WE LOVE U!

  6. Marie

    Totally get this, I’ve fallen a bit out of love with my work at the moment too and trying to find my passion (& confidence) again. We’re currently in the middle of a big house extension at the moment which has taken 3 years of planning. We’re finally getting through it but i find it distracts me so much from my work and I think it a big source of my lack of interest in work because I can’t actually focus on what I love (too much stuff for my brain to process I think!) Your magazine is fantastic and deserves the attention. A lot of people follow you across all social medias so get to see snippets of everything you do, you inspire people daily and are doing an amazing job!

  7. Samantha

    Nothing wrong with a break. I can’t imagine dedicating all my time to two important projects at once. I’ve always loved this blog for inspiring brides to be themselves. Thanks for all the dedication

  8. Don’t feel bad, I would rather read one decent piece on an amazing wedding than see lots of bits and bobs that don’t give the full effect.
    We all need a break too, everyone needs a holiday, time away from the everyday treadmill of being self employed.
    Go away and do your own stuff for a while, re energizer yourself and come back with even more amazing pieces on fabulous weddings xx

  9. Sometimes we have to stop and breathe for a bit, take a break. so that you can actually miss something , Im so tired at the end of wedding season and desperate for a break but then after a couple of weeks I’m missing my weddings desperately ,If it helps I would much rather read one also blog post a day then lots of blah ones. Be kind to yourself x

  10. Rachel

    Kat, this is just so refreshing! Your honesty & self awareness means you have just knocked it out the ball park so to speak. Your blog is awesome, your magazine is ace & you are one cool human! Take a breather, come up for air & I bet the love for the bog will come back in a timely, appropriate manner just like meeting up with an old friend for cocktails. Trust me, you’ve got this! 👊🏻🙌🏻

  11. Michelle smit

    I’ve only just found you! Stay strong! Seriously though, I’m lucky enough to do a job I really love and I have moments of feeling too thinly spread and wanting to give up and stack shelves. Thanks for your honesty and humility. Maybe it’s time to watch an episode of ‘Glow’ and eat a packet of frazzles, then start again tomorrow.

  12. Karen Quisol

    My daughter is getting married in one week from today. Somehow I came across your blog and have enjoyed your photo shoots, weddings and commentary from a Mother of the Bride standpoint. I just wanted you to know that. Thanks for being part of my journey. k

  13. I just want you to know that I give you a TON of credit for publishing every day. You have great content and to do that consistently, well, I’m not surprised you are burnt out and even more surprised it took you 10 years to do so. Have you considered being more selective with your content? Maybe only posting a few times a week and maybe getting away from every real wedding if you’re feeling a pull toward other content. Hell, maybe you spotlight a magazine article on Mondays and real weddings on Thursdays. I think if you’re feeling a strain, you need to listen to it. We don’t want you publishing just to publish. Listen to your heart and I’m sure your posts will do even better than before.

  14. It’s refreshing to read such honesty and I thank you for that . We all look up to the big bloggers in this world and it’s interesting to read that we are not alone with struggles sometimes. I take my hat of to you and hope you find yourself again but for now just enjoy some head space and time on your mag and your gorgeous house Amanda 😘

  15. Natasha McKenzie

    It’s so so nice to hear such honest views and thoughts about REAL LIFE! You are doing so much it’s unreal, the blog, Instagram, facebook groups and the magazine let alone renovating your new house and trying to blog all about that too.
    You are EPIC and are doing an amazing job, but you’ve got to balance work and life, that’s what is the most important xxxxx

  16. I love this, not least because I wonder about how much energy I should spend on blogging when I feel like there are other/better things to do… but then I always suspect I might think that because I think of blogging as work but am addicted to Instagram. I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one.

  17. I appreciate your honesty so much — I just hit 10 years as well and took the longest break I ever have and am feeling so much better. I’ve always admired you for not hiring a team of writers (which you could easily do) and instead, keeping it real and using your voice. That’s what’s always made Rock n Roll Bride different and what keeps people coming back. I think this feeling is normal when you have a lot of things competing for your attention, including a new house! There are so many other areas to put your time where you can see immediate results. Hang in there — and I love you!

    P.S. The magazine is killin’ it! We look forward to designing every single issue and seeing what you’ve come up with! xoxo

  18. Genevieve

    You’ve been my favourite blog for 5 years, come rain come shine, we will still love this space too.

  19. Helen

    I totally understand! My hubby & I started a barber magazine a few years ago & I basically wrote & edited the whole thing. It was exhausting & took up so much time & headspace. Loved it so much (we have now sold the mag) and am dying to get back into writing but running a mag really can leave little room for anything else.

    You are doing a smashing job!! Take time out whenever you can xx

  20. Shauna

    Hi Kat, I’m recent to rock n roll bride (and have never commented before -anywhere- ) and I just want to say I understand where you’re coming from but I love it as is. Yeah I’ve noticed the time lag but the quality is so good it doesn’t bother me. Where the ‘lack of love’ shows is Confetti Girls but it’s just one of your many iterations and I’m so impressed by how you’ve built a successful multifaceted business. From freelance to publisher didn’t seem possible before you! I’ll stick around because whatever you do, where you go from here, it’ll be worth seeing. xx

  21. Hattie

    blogging has changed. but i still would rather read the genuine blogs that don’t feel ‘churned out’. I dip in rather than follow anyone avidly (I ALWAYS click through from insta now rather than coming straight to a blog, another way it’s changed). Now I work outside of the wedding industry I no longer ‘have’ to follow blogs, so what sparks my interest is an amazing shot. And you still have those. I’ve moved onto interiors a bit more now so find myself on your insta quite a lot (our textured wallpaper game is strong in our house…). I think that when you are a business and a brand, it’s very hard. You can’t just change your job after three years because you fancy a change. You have to work out how you can change your business so that you can love it again. Keep on keeping on.

  22. Gosh Kat, had it been 10 years! I remeber the early days well. The first London parties, dabbling in our first styled shoots. Good for you for keeping it up this long and branching out.

  23. Beasliee

    Aw Kat.
    Long time reader here. And I have never had, and still do not, a wedding on the horizon – I just love your blog! I have about 3-4 blogs I flick on to every lunchtime to see what’s new, and this is one of them. I think the volume and frequency of your blog is perfect, you could even reduce or replace with something else in my opinion.
    I think that we forget as blog readers that we need to comment, egg you on and ensure we shop via your affiliate links to ensure you are supported. I wouldn’t worry about reminding us to do that.
    Looking forward to an epic house renovation blog…

  24. Emily

    How about a like button on your blog posts? Or is that only a social media thing? :/

    I’ve been following your blog for years, long before I even had a boyfriend, let alone a fiancé(!) but have never commented. Not because I don’t enjoy you’re content, far from it, I just hardly ever comment on anything online – unlike now 😉 haha. I guess we as readers forget that it may be important to interact with words. If you had a like button, maybe it’d give an indication of how many people you’re reaching (I’m guessing you probably have something that tells you that) but also how many people appreciate your writing and hard work because I know it isn’t just me 🙂

    Also, as others have said, I think your quantity of posts a day is fine. I don’t actually like it when they’re churned out. I feel the way you do it is more personal, and that’s why people enjoy and love your blog <3

  25. I think every creator goes through something similar, as you get busier with other projects you’re bound to see that somewhere your attention is going to have to slip otherwise you’ll just burn out.
    Personally I’m loving seeing your house renovations on Instastories.
    I loved seeing the weddings you published before I got married, and even now as a married person I still love looking at them. Hope to see some more of your personal content in the future, but it’s better to do that when you have the time to!
    p.s you look glorious in these photos!

  26. I feel the exact same. Haven’t posted in a year. I was putting so much time and effort into each post and getting little or no return. I initially set it up to share my work and related interests & travel but then felt I had to keep posting to keep my name out there when I was in between making. It was so time consuming and I felt disheartensd when bloggers making half the effort had thousands of followers. It’s so easy to get caught up in likes and followers that you can start changing your content to please them. Plus there are so many social media apps that I can’t keep up anymore. I finally speedw feeling guilty not doing what everyone else was doing. Plus I never wanted to be body. I’m a designer that just wants to share my work. Too much of our lives recovery around the internet and I wanted to spend my spare time doing what I love instead of laying 4 hours online editing and linking and formatting blogs. I remember what it was like before the internet so maybe it’s easier for me to let go.
    I’m switching from a blog to a website so I can concentrate on my work and spent my time with people in real life.

  27. I love your blog! And used to visit it nearly every day. <3
    And since I am a bride to be, I come here every day for inspiration.

    But I know were you're coming from. It is frustrating if you don't get any feedback on your blog, not even one comment.
    I got a creative blog (card making) going on, but have one follower only, seriously just one (1!!!!) follower.. and to make it even worse.. that's my mum. 🙁 I post once a week and sometimes not even 5 people are reading my texts, not going to to talk about comments.
    But I'm not giving up, I believe in myself! One day I will have two followers ^^ and much more readers.. haha..

    Again, I love your Blog!! Don't give up! We love you and you are such an inspiration for all of us.

  28. Lisa

    Honesty is such a good policy and I feel your pain, I have been doing a job for a while and have just been made redundant. Now it’s time for a change, I love what I do but it’s not creative which is where my heart lies. Follow your heart and take some you time, life has a funny way of working out. X

  29. Jaye

    I love your blog and while this is my first comment, please know what your write and publish is loved, admired, and appreciated. If you need a break, take it! What you provide is unique and people like me do mind the wait for the next entry.

    And if you need help and do not mind a grammar sharp,fledgling blogger writing, editing, or reviewing let me know!


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