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crown and glory

Happy Sunday you beautiful creatures! I wanted to pop by today to just say a huge thank you and to share some love for everyone who’s ordered, instagrammed or blogged about my little headpiece collection. Sophie and I have been BLOWN AWAY by the response – so much so that the day we launched was Crown and Glory’s biggest day for orders EVER and in the first few days alone she used over 12,000 gems making all the pieces that had been purchased. WHOA!

Thank you to all these babeing bloggers who’ve mentioned or featured the collection. I love you!

Boho Weddings ♥ Twinkie Chan ♥ Gala Darling ♥ Fishee Designs ♥ Wrapped Up in Weddings ♥ Fete ♥ Whimsical Wonderland Weddings ♥ Want that Wedding ♥ Head Full of Feathers (the rainbow necklace I wore in the lookbook was by her – a lot of you have asked me about it)! ♥ Little Purple Stocking ♥ Goat + Wolf ♥ Devlin Photos ♥ Ruby Weddings ♥ Little Capulet ♥ Beyond Beyond ♥

And to everyone that sent me photos using the #rockglory tag – you all look amazing!


The collection has also been picked up by a few national magazines (OMG) and is being stocked in a couple of boutiques around the world including The Couture Company and My Flash Trash. IT’S ALL SO EXCITING!

Keep those photos coming, I will never tire of seeing them. I might just flip out a little when I see the first bride or bridesmaids wearing one of them though.

Have you ordered yours yet?


  1. Aahhhhh thanks for linking to my blog Kat xxxx you’re the best!

    I wish I felt a bit better and could model my ears for you but ill get into them ASAP haha!

    They’re such great quality and I love them already. I can’t wait to wear them in October!!!

    My sis is bunny obsessed so I am thinking of buying her the matching bunny ears as she is my bridesmaid!


  2. Jen

    Thank you Kat – what a lovely post full of love. I wanted to buy my Liberace ears direct from Sophie at the Boardmasters festival this weekend in Cornwall but had to delay my holiday due to being poorly – ill just have to mail order after all (and get it sent to the holiday cottage to wear to the beach!)
    Exciting about the magazines!! Can’t wait to see your faces in print!!

  3. Naw thanks for the link 🙂 received my gorgeous ombre bow this week; as soon as i’ve had little bubba & don’t look so terrible i’ll post a few pics up 🙂 or perhaps I should wear it giving birth…for sparkly maternity ward chic?! 🙂 x

  4. Kirsty

    Happy Sunday Kat! Thank you for putting me on your #ROCKGLORY hall of fame! Love the collection, can’t wait to wear them all over Disneyworld. I think you should do a sparkly shoe collection too!!!!!! XXX

  5. Post author

    Kirsty you look babeing!! Can’t wait to see it in disneyland. Hey, are you coming to the London blogcademy reunion?

  6. Mary Kate

    SO many congrats, I have been a reader from the very beginning and it’s so lovely to see how far you have come (but also stayed so freaking lovely)

  7. Thanks for the mention Kat, we will be posting some pics of our #RockGlory windows real soon…Its all a bit too exciting!!


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