A Valentines Ball

Valentines Ball - Cristina Rossi Photography-158

I wasn’t going to publish any Valentines-specific content this year. Like many of you, I’m of the persuasion that St Valentines Day has been taken over by the mass media and is now just pushed on us by greetings cards companies who want to make a quick buck at our loved-up expense. Gareth & I don’t celebrate it (well maybe we’ll order a takeaway, watch a movie and get a little tipsy – ahh the romance) so I’ve never been one to be like “OHHHH VALENTINES IS HERE, HURRRRAH!” Me? Cynical? Never!

But then this cute, pretty and fluffy-as-hell Valentines inspired shoot landed in my inbox last week my cold heart of stone started to thaw. Pink! Sparkles! Giant Bows! Ruffles! Little doggie in a glittery pink dicky bow! Ahhh I’m just an old softy at heart. Shh, don’t tell anyone though, I’ve got a rep to keep…

Valentines Ball - Cristina Rossi Photography-188

“I knew that I wanted to create a much simpler styled shoot, less hectic but fun and girly”, wrote stylist Charlotte Wilden. “I’d hired a village hall so we could arrive, be warm, make a mess and focus on pretty images, but something was missing. So I asked Liz Jones from Blue Sky Flowers to collaborate, and upon meeting to talk about some ideas, she suggested the idea of a Valentines Ball. Our ideas had started to take shape and our bride had a story. I hope our shoot goes to show, that with minimal expense and an idea on the brink of collapse, a huge amount can be achieved with a little bit of know how.”

Valentines Ball - Cristina Rossi Photography-377

Thank you to Charlotte and team for sharing this with us today. And a special mention to photographer Alexa Dent who was integral to helping to style this shoot, but at the last minute was taken ill and so couldn’t shoot it.



  1. every major holiday has been taken over by mass media, but i still loooove them all, especially valentines! i love this shoot, so pretty! i might try and make some of the glittery letters actually 🙂

  2. Aw the shoot looks amazing – gorgeous dresses Charlotte! And beautiful photos Crissi, I am SO glad you could photograph it, you did an amazing job – and don’t get me started on those cakes and flowers. x

  3. How beautiful is this shoot?!?! I’m seriously in love with those sparkly letters and love Jinder’s styling and Crissi’s images, wow she did a good job stepping in at the last minute xxx

  4. I’m not into Valentines either but could make a exception to drool over the wonderful styling and photography here! Lush!!!!!! Awesome job girls x

  5. Hi Kat, you wonderful rock chick
    You make us all squeal with delight
    When you post up your musings
    And share ideas that always excite

    So we’re writing you this Valentine’s ditty
    To show you our love is for real
    Your matrimonial creativity
    Oozes genuine charm and appeal

    Now we don’t want to make Gareth jealous
    So we’re also sending him a hug
    But this poem’s really for you dear Kat
    ‘Cause we’ve caught the Rock n Roll bug

    You don’t bow down to conformity
    Nor do you live for the status quo
    Your passion for individuality
    Makes us all want to just go with the flow

    You don’t dictate to us what is trendy
    Instead you provide alternative inspiration
    Which is why here in the office
    You fill us with fascination

    A daily dose of your website
    Or a seasonal flick through your mag
    Keeps wedding planners happy
    With tonnes of ideas to flag

    And whilst we’re in a mood of amorous reflection
    We need to mention as an aside
    That the astounding photography that you use
    Really enhances Rock ‘n Roll Bride

    We can’t help but feel uplifted
    When we finish reading your colourful prose
    Your cotton candy demeanour
    Wraps our hearts in ribbons and bows

    We’re stealing a trick from your mate Gala
    And on this Things We Love Thursday we’re declaring
    Our love for your life-long mission
    To make people a little more daring

    And not to allow the wedding industry
    Dictate what makes a great day
    You’re right in seeking out things
    That define us in our own unique way

    And so as you share your home with your kitties
    And help others plan their big wedding
    We salute you gorgeous Kat Williams
    The Rock Chick Duchess from the town of Reading

    Happy Valentine’s Day from the team at Confetti.co.uk!

  6. Glad you all love the images!! Couldn’t have done it without each and every one of the team!! They’re super duper stars!

    This could be perceived as promoting consumerism and greed, and all that Jazz, but actually it’s not! (I was worried people might think that!)

    It’s actually about admiring somebody who is beautiful in love, surrounded by fun and fabulous things, Which you may/may not choose to purchase 😉

    Take it as you will, inspiration for your nuptials after party, hen party, birthday party, . . . I don’t mind!
    I just like looking at pretty things!!

  7. What a perfect shoot for Valentines day. Alexa’s great ideas and Cristina’s photography are awesome. The team behind this should be proud. Love the doggies too!

  8. Vicki - Pocketful of Dreams

    Great work Charlotte and team – we are thrilled to see our Love Letters sign gracing RNRB as part of this shoot!
    Thank you for the feature Kat.

    Vicki x

  9. Thank you Kat for the fabulous feature. It was a pleasure to work with every vendor on this shoot. A massive thanks to Charlotte for her vision in putting all this together and to Cristina for the stunning images. A special mention also to Alexa. Love you all!

  10. Olu Haastrup

    Wowzer!! I love these images. So pretty. Those sparkly jewellery and cakes are to die for. Image 49 makes me swoon.

  11. Thanks Kat for turning this around super fast and breaking your rules just for us. We had great fun, shivered a little but came away with a great set of photos (doff cap to Crissi) and a big mention on your wonderful blog x

  12. Susie Lambert

    This is the perfect antidote to St Valentine’s day. I love the gorgeous styling by Jinder & the beautiful images from the amazingly talented Crissi Rossi. So many beautiful things in these photo’s ~ and I want them all!

  13. Sabrina

    Ooooo so pretty! Charlotte can you come round to my flat and make it look like that awesome? Style queeeen!

  14. Marzihel

    Yet again another beautiful shoot, styled by the immensely talented Charlotte of Wilden Bride. She has an eye for styling, which is second to none and truly outshines the mundane, unoriginal, bore which so many self-proclaimed ‘stylists’ are churning out right now. I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next! Keep up the good work Charlotte!

  15. Katya Wheble

    Hi Crisi ,
    I am in tears of joy for you and your work , You are on the top of the ladder , You proved again professionalization , perfectionism !! So well selected shots !!
    I truly love it !!
    You got the talent , Wishing you luck for more venues to come and to make many couples happy with your Beautiful photography !! x


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