A Homemade Glaswegian Wedding: Eileen & Peter

September 7, 2012

Eileen & Peter were married at Glasgow University Union. They had a tiny budget, but with the help of wedding blogs sharing affordable and DIY options, they were able to plan the wedding of their dreams.

“We really just wanted to have a fun wedding that meant something to us personally rather than just doing things because you are supposed to”, explained Eileen. “I was really inspired by blogs like Rock n Roll Bride that showed how you can have a wedding anyway you want. We had to explain our decisions a bit more than most to some people who didn’t get it but I knew it would all come together in the end. Things like not having a religious ceremony. This upset our families to begin with but they later realised that they had pestered us for so long to get married that any way we wanted was fine just as long as we did it! So we had a small intimate ceremony filled with songs and poetry we love and lovely romantic things we had said about each other. Then we just wanted to have a big fun party to celebrate with all our extended friends and family. We didn’t set out to be ‘Rock n Roll’ but we definitely ended up that way. Ha ha!”

“We had a teeny tiny budget for the wedding and it turns out I’m a bit of a control freak so at first I decided I was making everything myself including my dress”, the bride continued. “Also the type of things I liked for my wedding seemed to only be available in America so DIY it would be. I studied fashion a long time ago and luckily I have friends that also know how to make clothes, so when I realised I really was overstretching myself my amazing friend Rowan of RowanJoy Bridal was able to step in and take a mountain of stress of me and make the rest of my dress.”

“I made so much by myself but when it came to all the pom poms and decorations I couldn’t have done it without the help I got from my sisters and nieces. They all gave up a few Sunday’s for pom pom making and the day before the wedding all beauty treatments were put on hold to make my plans come to life. And they really did an amazing job as there was three rooms to decorate and everyone looked amazing. I love them so much of all their help.”

“When it came to thinking about the budget, the first thing I did was make a list of all the things you’re ‘supposed’ to have at a wedding. I put a star beside the things that were important to me and then got Peter to do the same. Then we crossed off stuff we didn’t care about and allocated our money that way. To me the most important things were the photographs, the video and the rings. These are the things that you’ll still have when you’re 80. I didn’t care about centrepieces and £1000 cakes. Peter chose music and drink (typical) everything else we made or our friends and family helped out with. It made for a great fun wedding and we have lovely memories of everyone pulling together to help.”

Gorgeous! Thank you to Eileen & Peter and their photographer Caroline of Candy Snaps Photography  for sharing with us today.

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: Candy Snaps Photography
Video Credit: Sugar 8
Venue: Glasgow University Union
Bride’s Dress: RowanJoy Bridal
Bride’s Shoes: Vivienne Westwood/Melissa
Bride’s Headpiece: Vintage
Bride’s Jewellery: Alison Macleod Jewellery
Groom’s Outfit: Frasers
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: DIY
Cakes: DIY
Flowers: Roots, Fruits & Flowers & DIY
Hair & Make Up: Sorelle
Band: Them Beatles