“Beauty & The Beast” A Taxidermy Engagement Shoot: Mckenzie & Alex

For their engagement shoot, Mckenzie & Alex wanted something unique. They wanted something that screamed ‘them’ and showed their quirky side. They came up with the taxidermy concept after visiting a museum and falling in love with how they looked and the artistry behind each one.

“We were initially going to try and shoot them in the museum but then we found out that we could actually rent the animals!” photographer Michelle told me. “I then came up with the idea of shooting them in a simplistic urban setting to add a little bit of surrealism to the concept.”

Thank you to Mckenzie & Alex and photographer Michelle for sharing these today. I can’t wait to see the wedding in May!

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: Miesh Photography


  1. I love this. The second shot is especially great.
    I’ve always wanted to do a shoot in the Booth Museum of Natural History in Brighton. Looking forward to the day I’ve got a client with the budget (and desire) for that…

  2. wow – certainly unique! I’m not sure if I love it or find it a bit ewww though. There again, I’m a vegetarian so probably not the biggest fan of dead animals 🙂


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