Babies & Business: A Guest Post by Lucy Ledger

Our baby wasn’t really planned – it was a half assed plan if you will. I knew I wanted babies but I had just left my full time job to run my business, and being the household bread winner was as much of a challenge as I wanted. Plus I wanted the success of the business to grow after a long hard year of working two jobs to get it off the ground. I was enjoying watching it flourish as a result. This was supposed to be a wonderful time when after all my hard work, late nights and lack of social life I could really celebrate what I had achieved… you know, with fizzy stuff. Clink clink.

It turns out two weeks after I left my day job for good I found out I was pregnant. At first I was totally shocked…and scared…and had no idea how on earth this was all going to work – I mean how?! How do you possibly make it all work? I was working every hour I could and a baby would just ruin everything I’d worked for right? After the initial shock, I can’t say I had a blooming pregnancy and I wasn’t one of those women who walked around with a permanent contented smile holding her belly.  Sure in my head I felt overwhelmingly lucky to be carrying a perfect little baby and I had moments of excitement and hope but my heart wasn’t in it.  I was mostly freaked at how our life was about to change, how I may have worked so hard building up a business I couldn’t sustain and how my social life would be over…forever.

You see the main issue with my whole pregnancy was I listened way too much.  True I had some wonderful support and a lot of it from lovely people I didn’t know that well. I also had friends in the industry who were running amazing businesses and had a family too – they inspired me that it could be done. But I listened to all the doom and gloom. Oh I listened wayyy too much – so much so that even the day before I was going in to give birth to my baby boy I was walking around a shopping centre and every time a pram or pushchair went past I didn’t feel a surge of excitement, I felt a little bit sick.

Then the day came. Off I trotted to the operating theatre in my slippers and dressing gown and as the door closed I realised I’d be leaving there with a little person. When he was born I saw him being taken off to be cleaned up (the only thing written in my birth plan – no gunky baby please. It was a pretty lame birth plan) he was this screechy blue little thing and I couldn’t see his face – I wasn’t sure I liked him either. They bought him to us and David held him – I still couldn’t see his face because of the position I was in. It was in the recovery room we really got to meet each other for the first time. We looked at each other and my first thought was ‘oh my gosh it’s an actual person’. I guess I was expecting a freaky morphed version of me and David but it was a whole new human… and how I loved him instantly.

So nine weeks on and where are we?

Business-wise I had to make the ultimate decision – do I scale back my business to be a mum or do I push it forward and really go for it to make it work for my family?  Anyone who knows me will know the path I chose.

David left his job when Tristan was 3 weeks old and we now work together with baby and business.  I have never been so busy and admittedly it was incredibly hard to begin with and Tristan was just 2 weeks old when I started working again. I cried. I just wanted to sit with him and play with him and be with him all day. I actually found myself being jealous of people with normal jobs who get the wonderful luxury of maternity leave; of turning your back on work to concentrate on just being with your baby. There is also times when I have been about to give up because I am so overwhelmed – I am stood in a sea of boxes with orders waiting to be packed up; with emails bleeping and my inbox growing, holding my little boy wondering how on earth I can get through it all… but you do and you can because us self employed business owners are made of strong stuff. We have been through years of hard work to get where we are and it would take something pretty drastic to keep us from chasing our dreams. Plus I have the support of David who is an amazing dad and is with me on every decision I make – I count myself incredibly lucky as he is a huge part of why this is all working.

What about being a mum? Well I am so completely happy. Yeah having a baby is hard but I was so concentrating on what the doom and gloomers told me I forgot how the hard work is made wonderful by the little person you now have in your life. Everyone forgets to tell you that. It is tiring, it can be stressful, I have been puked on more times than I can count but everyday he makes me smile. I get told everyday “ooooh just you wait..” Firstly it was “The first 2 weeks are hell  – if you can get through them you can do anything” I thought the first 2 weeks were amazing – a roller-coaster of emotions for sure but worth every minute. Now I’m being told “oh, well enjoy it while you can; just you wait until teething/crawling/walking.” Seriously, it seems that so many people just want you to fail. You just have to smile sweetly back at them, take what they say with a pinch of salt and carve your own path.

I have admittedly made a few unpopular parenting decisions which enables me to work, but also to have a little more freedom and continue to have quality time with David, go out with friends, even have a couple of little holidays booked (Yes believe it or not you can have a life after a baby) but I have not made those decisions lightly and it’s what works for us. Everybody is different and life is what you make it. Life with Tristan works so well because we have made choices that make us all happy and help us to co-exist in one lovely little unit. My life is not over is has merely been enhanced beyond what I could have imagined by this amazing little person and I feel lucky everyday.

Lucy Ledger is a digital illustrator, specialising in vintage scrapbook inspired wedding stationery, working with clients all over the world. She lives in Ivy Cottage in Sheffield with her husband David, her son Tristan and Pip the cat.


  1. Fabulous post Lucy!
    I’ve been getting a bit broody lately since all my mates started having kids and being in my late thirties but I always thought (with both my husband and I being self-employed) it was just a pipe dream.
    I just assumed with having kids you’d need to take a back seat in your business at least for the first six months or so and I just wasn’t willing to do that. So it’s great to hear from someone who has done it and done a bloody good job too.
    Maybe I need to turn that pipe dream into reality…

  2. Part of the reason for starting my own business is that when I have children I want to create a family life that suits us. My other half works from home and our plan is to be flexible about our work so we can bring up our family without one of us giving up work. My sister did it and she had her second child in the middle of her peak period so she was back at work 2 days after having my niece (with help from her husband and the grandparents!) She’s worked during the school day and in the evenings and as a result has been able to see her gorgeous girls growing up, take them to school and be there at all the plays and things they do during the day.

    I don’t mind missing out on maternity leave if it means in the long term I get to see as much of my children as possible!

  3. Awwwwww what a beautiful post!
    For someone who hasn’t got kids (and never really that maternal) I am always amazed at how people do it – juggling kids and a successful business… so glad you found your little happy place with everything going around you. I am sure we’ll be seeing your business going from strength to strength and your family growing happily in your lovely little unit! 😉 xxx

  4. Wow, what a brilliant post. My flower shop has been open for 3 years and me and the OH have been together for 12 and not getting any younger, and babies is a subject that has cropped up a few times recently, but the whole baby/work balance thing has always troubled me. Would I bring the baby in to work and keep it under the desk? Is that even allowed??? I guess that when you are in the situation, you find a way to make it work and get on with it. Thanks for sharing this Lucy and I wish you all the success in the world with both baby and business!

  5. This is the most reassuring thing I’ve read about motherhood in a long, long while. Mostly you find wretched little pieces about how dreadfully tough it all is, and the lack of sleep, and the screaming, and the thankless husband/partner, and the impossibility of getting everything done, usually accompanied by a cartoon of a haggard, dead eyed woman with messy hair holding a bright red screaming baby. Honestly, when reading those you can almost smell the vomit. I’m broody as a coop-ful of hens at the moment, and your article has really made me feel better about the whole idea of juggling baby & work, as well as making me laugh out loud at my desk. Thank you, and happy Friday!

  6. Post author

    Lucy you are SUCH an inspiration. I remember when you called me when you found out you were preggers “OMG Kat,” you said “we all got so drunk last week I’ve pickled my child!” haha I admire your approach to Motherhood so much (despite the accidental pickling…) You’re just doing things your own way and you’re a kick ass Mum because of that. Tristan rocks because you rock!

  7. Fab post Lucy! There are some things that it is never exactly the right time for. But the strongest people just get on and deal with it and make it work. Such a lovely positive write up about making things work in the way that fits your family best. Very inspirational – Tristan should grow up being very proud of his amazing mum!! x

  8. Thank you so much Lucy for your words of encouragement.
    We are going to be going through the exact same thing in roughly 8 weeks (or whenever baby h decides s/he wants to enter the world) and we know we can make it work just like you guys have, despite what everyone around you/us says! Having a business you run with your partner/husband is the perfect environment to have a thriving business and a happy family.
    So glad you are all well.
    Thank you for such an inspirational feature.

  9. Fab post Lucy. At the end of the day we do what we do because we love it, children don’t have to stop that happening – sure they make it harder and yes you will pull some all nighters to get your work done, but that’s it, you WILL get your work done and feel like you’ve accomplished even more. Well done you !! Very inspirational for working mums x

  10. Fab past Lucy! It is a complete juggling act working & being a mummy to my two little munchkins. I shot 42 weddings the year I was pregnant with my second born and it was tough going. I love my children and being a mummy and I also love being a creative. It is so so fab to hear I am not the only crazy lady trying to be both 😉 And forget what people say about crawling/ teething etc…. it gets easier and changes and you just adapt as a parent. My 5 year old is a teenager waiting to happen and my 14 month old boy is a determined wee man. Hopefully as they get older they will all be proud of us working mummies. 🙂 x

  11. Having my first child (and only child…lol) child at 41 and being self employed has been bloody hard work and if I am honest brought me to cracking point at times…I was so envious of my friends who had “proper jobs” with full pay and 12 months maternity leave, whilst i was running round like a headless chicken trying to stop my brain for exploding, trying to pay the bills, see my brides, do fittings, design new dresses blah blah you know hat I am saying i hope!…..but I wouldn’t change it for the world( well I may have been a little better prepared, and not had a caesaerian and then a bad infection , but that was out of my hands). Millie Mae (mmm for short) is the best thing that ever happened to me and she is bloody hilarious and brings smiles to our life every day.
    Take everyday as it comes and make the most of everyday, because life goes so much faster when you have a little creature in it!
    Big Love and luck to you Lucy sounds like you have exactly the right attitude

  12. Nate

    Awwwww – what a story. Thanks for sharing – mine is to come I guess……. I’ll try and loave it as long as I can though. I’m really enjoying spending time with my baby nephew and being able to give him back to my sister at the end of the day is great. I will have my own baby one day thought and I’m sure there will be stories after stories to tell 🙂

  13. Ah Lucy and Kat! This post has come at just the right time for me!!

    We are expecting our first baby in July. This year was also targeted as the year all my hard work came to fruition and I jacked the day job! I work a 55hr/wk day job and run my business outside of that. I’d ear marked May as the date and had been planning my beautiful leap of faith in great detail. We then found out the news we were to expect a baby. Whilst I am truly and honestly over the moon that we are to be blessed with a beautiful baby, I did battle with the fear as to what this all meant for our plans and all the guilt that I should even be thinking this way.

    My biggest battle was what the right decision was? How could I walk out on a secure job with a newborn baby? How could I support a family without the security of a regular salary? How could I spread my time evenly between job/business/family? How the f*ck do you change a nappy? My biggest thing was getting over the guilt and having this chat with my wife. We talked through all of this, did the sums and realised that there are still options.

    I’m sure there’ll be plenty of struggles ahead but if I can nurture a beautiful family in conjunction with a beautiful career, then I will have definitely have achieved everything I wanted out of life.

    It’s great to see how others are doing it! x

  14. Post author

    aww Andy I can’t wait to see how you do it…I know you’ll be awesome at it! down with the people who try and make you think having a baby is the worst thing in the world to someone running their own business…heck, even *I* might do it one day (maybe..erm…yeah maybe)

  15. I don’t know who would say such negative things about having children to you, but you’re so right to ignore them! Believe me, it just gets better and better and as they grow you can involve them in the business and take them along for the ride! My son is 3 now and because I’ve always been on my own with him, he’s quite often my sounding board for new ideas! “Do you like this colour or this colour…” – you get a really honest response, if nothing else! I’ve even just started using his own drawings in a range of greeting cards! And I take him to fairs and events and he’s such a hit with folks, he sometimes secures a sale! Saying that though…if I’m honest…I really can’t wait til he starts school full time in September, just so I can actually sit down and do NOTHING occasionally 😉 x

  16. Thanks for featuring this Kat, its obviously something that effects so many of us business women but it still seems to be such a taboo somehow! Though kids are a way off for me, I’m very maternal and I’d recently been feeling like I had to choose one or the other. So thank you for this encouragement Lucy, and for sounding so normal. Some women can sound so condescending when talking about being working mums!

  17. Wow, thank you everyone so much for the amazing comments. It’s so lovely to read everyone’s stories and know other people are making it work too in their own way. I’m so happy I could convince some of you that it is possible! It really is I promise and it’s all so worth the hard work.

    Thanks Kat too for allowing your blog to be taken over by baby talk – I know it’s not really your favourite subject 😉 I think you’ll make a fab mum one day and thanks for being a great friend and for the funnest night out ever in Reading!! Tristan seems fine considering! Xxx

  18. Lovely post Lucy and Tristan is so gorgeous!!

    I was due the day before Lucy but after massive complications at Christmas was prematurely admitted to hospital 5 weeks early, with forced inductions before baby finally being born by emergency caesarean 19 days early.

    Being 22, self-employed with a special needs baby isn’t easy, I always thought having to go through labour would be the most terrifying thing in the world but almost dying before labour, being ok a couple of days before almost dying again made me realise I was much stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. Us ladies are tough cookies when we need to be, it was only when all the doctors and midwives said I’d had one of the worst times in hospital they’d ever seen did I actually realise what I’d been through!

    A few weeks after being home I finally found some time to get around to making orders I’d had whilst in hospital, and I’m still getting into a routine 11 weeks on.
    Of course there are times when I’m exhausted, she’s unwell or I’m unwell (my liver still hasn’t regained full function and Im very anaemic still despite 2 transfusions) and work has to take a back seat.
    My daughter needs a minimum of two operations this year, the first in the next month or so, at the moment she’s my main priority more than the business. Once she’s better I’ll be back to working from home full time again.
    The days I’ve been working she loves to sit on my arm and rest her head on my shoulder whilst I work at the computer (how quickly your life completely changes, and how fast you learn to do normal things whilst holding a little sleepy bundle!!)
    My hubby has been absolutely fantastic, having someone to help out when you need a bit of a snooze, and help with feeding when you have messages to reply to is brilliant.

    I’m finding being a new mum the same as Lucy, you just manage and you feel like a superwoman at the end of the day seeing all you’ve accomplished.

    There is so much negativity surrounding being a mother these days, it really isn’t the end of your social diary, of course there are tough times but you can do it, a baby doesn’t mean the end of your life as you know it, it’s just different.
    Seeing my daughter smile makes it all worthwhile.
    I feel so lucky to be able to stay at home with her. Of course I envy my friends that are on maternity leave from their jobs and don’t have to think about it at all, being self-employed your work is always on your mind, but I love my job and they hate theirs so that helps 🙂

    The wedding community on Twitter has been fantastic over the last few years, especially during my time in hospital when I didn’t believe I’d ever leave there in one piece with my lovely baby.
    Lucy and all the other successful, strong women on there are so inspirational to talk to every day, seeing all these women juggle business, relationships and family life makes you realise that it can be done.

    As I was in hospital so early the whole having a baby aspect of pregnancy sort of jumped up on me. She is my world and I can’t imagine my life any different now, I would love it if one day she wants to join the business with me.
    I really believe you can have it all if you want it 🙂

  19. Post author

    wow Lauren that’s a story and a half! well done for being so strong! if you can get through that you can get through anything life throws at you surely?!

  20. Thanks Kat, I really believe that it’s only when life throws tough times at you do you realise that you can get through them.
    Like Lucy said, so many people want you to many think that you can’t do it, I think some people are still waiting for me to have a breakdown but Im really fine, as long as my husband and daughter are here with me we can cope with all the crap. It didn’t look like my daughter would make it and special care was prepped for weeks for her arrival but she didn’t need them at all. If a tiny, tiny 5lbs11oz baby can fight that much and surprise the doctors, then so can I 🙂 She is so amazing!

  21. Post author

    Thats such a great attitude Lauren…and what IS IT with people expecting mothers to fail and or have a nervous breakdown? so not cool…

  22. Thank you 🙂
    I really don’t know, I think some of them really regret not being able to do some of the things they used to do before, and want to try and scare the newly pregnant or new mums.
    It’s the same as when people find out you’re expecting and try to scare you with labour stories or when baby’s here think they know your child better than you etc. It’s not the best thing to hear when you have all these new hormones pumping through you and your emotions are all over the place. I think some people just relish in making new mums feel awful and making them feel inadequate before they’ve even had a chance to bond with their new baby.

  23. Sally

    Thanks for your story Lucy. I am a self employed wedding photographer and even though I desperately want to start a family with my lovely hub its so hard to plan a break in your diary. With wedding bookings especially, they tend to get scheduled so far in advance and being desperately conscious that I don’t want to let any couples down or have to turn people away. What with that and the fear that everything you have worked for will instantly be lost once a little person comes on the scene.

    I’m scared that morning sickness will destroy any chance I have of concentrating on a shoot, I am scared that my beautiful office will be taken over by changing mats and other baby bits and most of all I’m scared that a baby would just force me to give up on everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

    Despite this I do still desperately want a little one (or two), I just really hope it all works out and we can have it all. Your stories make it seem that maybe its possible.

  24. Go you! Having kids is the best thing I have ever done and as someone else says, you can’t imagine how but you really do love them more and more as time goes on.

    When I had my first five years ago I had the luxury of a 6m mat leave but after that threw the littlee in nursery and went back to work four days a week plus working in china and India for weeks at a time without a thought really. I enjoyed being back at work, a bit of gossip, a chance to have a cup of tea whilst it’s still hot and if course a browse online. Uninterrupted.

    This time however I’ve taken much more of a back seat, put my career on hold and decided to spend a couple of years being a mum (and blogger to keep me sane!) but only because I realised how quickly they grow up and how much you miss. You probably won’t think it now but you’ll look back and see you were blessed to be able to spend time with your little one and seeing his first milestones.

    Ps we have a rule as parents which we do our best to follow… We go out one night a week without the kids, go away one weekend a month and one week a year without them. Happy parents, happy household, happy kids 🙂

  25. Lovely lovely post, brought a little tear to my eye. I to have been working hard on developing my business over the last 12 months and have recently found out we will be graced with the arrival of our first baby later in the year, so your post was very reassuring to read! I’m sure i’ll find a way to make it work, when there’s a will there’s a way! Enjoy your beautiful baby boy! Kerry @ Love Me Again x

  26. Beutifully written and insightful post. I have two boys, 8 and 5. The youngest has just started school so I have at last more time to dedicate to my little business. It isn’t easy being a parent, whether you are at home full time or working… there will ALWAYS be little murmurs and idle chit chat about your personal decisions.

    My husband and I have always always made time for the odd night away, and have a week away at the end of every summer on our own,and have a great social life. Some folk think that is close to neglect (!) some are envious that they can’t do that.

    Having our boys has been the best thing that has ever happened to us and it’s all about making your own choices, growing thicker skin and enjoying your family.

    Good luck to you as a new mum and your beautifully growing empire.


  27. What a great post Lucy and well done to you for doing what works for you. I was self employed when I had my little boy so went back to work when he was a few months old. I got so sick of the looks and the gasps that people gave me when I said I was already back at work (shock horror). If I had a cushy full paid maternity package then I wouldn’t have gone back so soon, but I didn’t and do you know what? My son, who is nearly three, is the most sociable and happy little boy, which I think comes from being at nursery with other kids as well as lots of time with the grandparents.

    It is hard juggling everything but it is worth it and I certainly haven’t let having a child stop me doing the things that I enjoyed doing before. In fact in four weeks my husband and I are heading to Italy for four nights (on our own!!).

    Enjoy! I feel a bit broody, he is gorgeous.

  28. So lovely to hear Lucy, you continue to be a massive inspiration. In the initial process of setting up my own business I sent you a stupid little email (in a bit of panic about the whole task ahead) and you could not have been more wonderful and helpful. You took the time out to write the loveliest reply with lots of advice, over and above what I ever could have expected.

    Three of my closest friends are currently expecting their first children (three, all at once!) and I couldn’t be more excited that I’ll get to play with all these brand new little people (and hand them back). It has, though, suddenly made the prospect of having our own children one day, and how the hell we’d be able to deal with that, a very real issue to consider. We’d both love children, but I think the ‘one day, when we’re grown ups’ thing has been a lovely comforting thought to hide behind. The idea of having to give up on the dream I’m working so hard to build just doesn’t feel like an option.

    We’re still a long way off that stage yet, but it is reassuring hear of you and others doing it, and doing it amazingly, babies, cats, thriving businesses and all. It’s got to be a wonderful feeling, to be able to teach Tristan to follow his dreams and be whatever he wants to be, knowing that you’re doing just that.

    Sorry for the waffle – wishing you continued success and lovely times with your gorgeous family! & thank you Kat for yet another greenroom post added to my bookmarks.


  29. Such a lovely post! I’ve been putting off thinking about children as I really want to get my business flourishing first. It’s really inspiring to hear someone talking honestly about making it work.

  30. Well you’ve made me cry Lucy, what a beautifully written post. I’ve known you throughout the whole pregnancy and having met Tristan, he really is totally adorable and a credit to you. You are testament that you can have it all……yes as you say it’s bloody hard work, but it’s worth every moment.
    You have done so well at getting the balance right and not becoming one of those boring women who only talk about their baby!
    Good on you for making it work, you’ve been a fighter since you started the business and Tristan will be a better man one day for it.
    Love you lots xxxxxxx

  31. Amazing post Lucy, I’m a firm believer on babies fitting into the life of their parents. The less we stress about what being a “good mum” is the more chilled out the baby. I hope I fit into motherhood just like that, it’s not easy at all evidenced by me shooting a wedding at 10 days overdue! Xx

  32. Sitting in bed right now, Florrie in my arms & tears in my eyes. You are so right Lucy. Everything you’ve said has hit a chord with me. Babies are blessings, not burdens. Life can go on & it does, just with a little extra person to do beautiful things with. Yep, it’s hard, but wow, every milli-second worth it!!positivity needs to be talked about more. I think I might need to read this post again & again. Thank you for being such a positive & beautiful blessing in my life at the start of motherhood. Love & huge hugs xxx Charis, O & Florrie

  33. anon

    Sorry to go anon, but I wanted to tell the other side of the story a little, and share some deeply personal stuff.

    I am a wedding industry professional and I have two children. Last summer I found out that I was pregnant, and took the decision to terminate my unborn child – it was a decision that was 100% the right thing to do for my family, myself, my husband and my business. We cope with juggling the two children we have between us, but there are just not enough hours in the day sometimes, and it’s put a huge, massive strain on our family life and led us precariously close to the divorce courts. I’ve been on the verge of a breakdown at times trying to do my best at everything and feeling like I’m failing everyone.

    I adore my children, they are the best thing that I have ever done, and the most wonderful human beings I’ve ever known. I wouldn’t be without them. But I won’t pretend that it’s all been easy. We have no family nearby to give us weekends away once a month, and we can’t afford professional babysitters on top of nursery fees and after school club charges. My husband picks up the slack that my career causes, but he has his own business and his own dreams to follow as well.

    Lucy, I am SO happy that your first 9 weeks have been so blissful, but I wanted to share my story so that others that are struggling to cope with “having it all” realise that they’re not alone, and not everyone has the blissful time that you describe.

    I hope this isn’t too negative. Life for us is just perfect right now, and we really are enjoying it. But it’s been a struggle, and I am sure that it’ll be a struggle again in the future at times. We will get through it, because we love each other and our children more than anything, but it will be tough and it will involve tears and bloody hard work, of that I’m sure.

  34. Pete Smyth

    Aww only just seen this! Thank you Lucy, David and Tristan! I love you guys so much. Can’t wait to meet you Tristan I reckon you’re a dude. Lots of love Petey Pete xx

  35. Thank you thank you thank you everyone for such amazing comments and for sharing your experiences. I am so grateful that you took time out of you day to reply to this article.

    Thank you ‘anon’ for sharing your difficult experiences and I am so sorry to hear life has been so hard. Please understand that this is purely an account of my experience and I am in no way saying that everyone will and should feel the same. All I heard/read through my own pregnancy is stories like yours and that is terrified me and I guess I was just surprised that it wasn’t so bad for me and wanted to share what I thought was the other side of the story. I did also acknowledge in the article that one of the main reasons it works for me is due to me husband being so supportive with the business. He is willing for my dream to be his dream too so I feel incredibly lucky about that even though it can’t be easy for him sometimes. I really hope everything works out for you though and I am not naive enough to think that we won’t face our own tough times so thanks for highlighting and helping people in situations like yourself.

    L xxxx

  36. anon

    Thank you, Lucy. I’m sorry that stories like mine marred a time that should have been so exciting for you, but I am honestly so happy and pleased that you’re doing so well! As for us, we really are incredibly settled and happy now (even considering that maybe at some point in the future we may want to add to our brood, but in the L-O-N-G distant future, we’re in no rush and we are loving the time with our two little ones and the time to rebuild our own relationship) x

  37. Oh Lucy, you are a breath of fresh air. Now you are what I call a modern Mum and thank goodness we get to hear an honest side to working motherhood, especially since I’m not hugely maternal and don’t believe in giving up your life for kids so it’s great to hear how you have made it work. Each to their own of course and everyone’s situations are different, but I think only you know what works for you, your family and your sanity so big fat massive well done and that is why you will continue to be a success with your business and an inspiration to the little man. x

  38. Hey Lucy,

    Thank you for such a lovely, inspiring post… You have given me hope and renewed resolve not to give up everything I have worked so hard to build up. Being a newlywed and about to turn 37, baby thoughts and questions from friends, family and increasingly broody hubby :0) are creeping up on me! Yet I still don’t feel ready, or have much of a maternal urge, just keep plodding on with my ever increasing busy workload, juggling freelance life in London with my private clients and a new wedding stationery biz that I want to do all the time (but don’t have enough spare time or cash lol to give up the day job!) Keep up your amazing work and most important job of all being Mum and I shall continue to be inspired… x

  39. Abbey warner

    Great post!!!!! I have to say to say I don’t know how people do it, I get stressed enough with a little pooch, go team ledger xxxxx

  40. Phew! – after finding out about our rather unplanned pregnancy at 12 weeks(!) I went through/still am going through the whole OMG I’m not ready for this, my life is over, didn’t ever really feel anything towards children, what about my business thing.

    The worst is the scowls you get when the inevitable ‘when are you returning to work’ question pops up – 1 month maternity leave just doesn’t seem to cut it in the ‘mothering circle’. You can see them wide eye’d thinking poor child!

    Its so refreshing to read a post about work and pregnancy that isn’t doom and gloom.
    You have completely renewed my hope and given me faith that with a little/lot of hard work things turn up sunny.

  41. SO good to hear someone talking about the practicalities and realities of running a business alongside being a mum. My little fella is 2.5 and it’s still hard, I feel guilty all the time and it’s a constant juggle to fit everything in. BUT I wouldn’t change it for the world. You’re right, people seem intent on seeing others fail. Strange human nature. Good on you for being brave enough to make those tough decisions and for sharing with such honesty.

  42. Hey Ledge
    Brilliant post from a fabulously talented hard working totally cool mummy! I knew you’d be absolutely fine (even through the wobbles) We’ve had plenty of chats about the work/babies combo and yes it can be bloody exhausting but you get through it your way. Continue to ignore the doom-mongers and carry on doing what you know is right (and best) for you and the family (including the feeding choices..nobody else’s business. We actually chucked a midwife out of our house….no kidding)
    I sometimes have days (5yr old,10mth old, business to run & know the story) when I don’t think I can do it all anymore and want the world to stop and let me off. But I love my job, I love my boys and I am damn well not working for anyone else!!
    So proud of what you’ve achieved Lucy (not meant to sound patronising!) Love you, love what you do and you are doing a brilliant job all round.
    H xxx

  43. Nice post. We have a 10 week old baby and yes it’s tiring balancing with work but the pros far outway the cons – loving being a dad!


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