A Day in the Life…At Candy Anthony

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Candy Anthony to visit their shop to check out (and try on!) some of their latest dress designs. Like I was going to turn that down! Here are a few of my favourites that I tried on…How lucky am I!?

The Shop

Located on London’s South Bank overlooking the Thames, Candy Anthony‘s store is like the closet of a very beautiful princesses. Walking in I was greeted by rows and rows of tulle, netting and brightly coloured sashes. I’m in heaven! The cakes went down pretty well too…

Pink Polka Dots

I started by putting on a ‘basic’ white dress with a pink petticoat (of course) and Rachel (who was helping me) asked which accessories I wanted to add. I loved the customizability of Candy’s dresses. That you could take the ‘plain’ (for lack of a better word – these dresses certainly aren’t plain!) tea length dress and add netting, lace, bows, petticoats and sashes in every colour imaginable! The of course there’s the veils and hair flowers in every colour and style you could think of. Amazing.

The dresses come in a number of different necklines i.e strapless, sweetheart (my favourite), high necked – so there really is a style to suit everybody. I was immediately drawn to this pink polka dot skirt overlay and white bow combo. I die.

Lovely Lace

A more traditional look maybe, but one I still loved. The beautiful lace overlay transformed the basic gown to one fit for a princess. The puffy veil (one of my favourites – see the gallery below for more photos) and bright pink sash gave this look a Rock n Roll edge. I was smitten.

Dotty All Over

I loved the sheer neckline of the lace (much more flattering that a strapless dress for someone with huge boobies like me!) but I was also smitten with the polka dots so Rachel suggested this all over dotty addition. The cute little bow at the back was less dramatic than the big sashes but just as cute none the less!

Gorgeous Gingham

I wasn’t sure if I’d like this gingham sash as it’s not a pattern I’d usually wear, but I have to say my mind was changed as soon as I put it on. How perfect would this addition be fore a countryside or farm wedding? Candy Anthony makes sashes in pretty much every colour imagineable. They’ve even made a leopard print one in the past. Oh lala!

Crazy Colour – Pink n Black

Not every bride wants to wear white on her wedding day which is why Candy Anthony carry a number of beautiful coloured dresses. This pink dress with a sweetheart neckline (see gallery below for more) was a no-brainer when it came to seeing if I wanted to try it on…and the black polka dot overlay (and my beat-up converse trainers) made this dress the perfect Rock n Roll Bride number no?

Crazy Colour – Yellow

Who would have thought that yellow would look so awesome?! Maybe one of the biggest surprises of the day was how much I adored this yellow dress. The colour was just WOW. I’m certainly going to be borrowing this dress at some point soon…well I’m going to try to anyway (pleeeease?!)

Crazy Colour – Lovely Leopard

Show me a Rock n Roll Bride who doesn’t love leopard print? Exactly…they’re pretty hard to come by! Which is why I died and went to heaven when I laid eyes on this baby. The purple petticoat is hella awesome too huh? This dress would also look amazing with a red petticoat I reckon. This is perfect Rock n Roll Bride dressing!

The Beast

OK so that’s not it’s official name but one I’ve given it! Candy’s regular dresses have three layers of tulle (which is pretty big anyway, espcially when you add a petticoat) but this number, which takes pride of place in their shop window, had ten layers of tulle! The dress was created espeically for the catwalk at The National Wedding Show last year and I was shocked and horrored to hear that no one else has bought this one. Come on girls, don’t be afraid of a bit of tulle! Sure the dress is pretty big, but it’s certainly not in ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ territory and I have to say I felt fabulous as soon as I put this one on.

Huge skirt = the allusion of a tiny waist. WIN.

I seriously loved this one. It was certainly my favourite and if I was to get married again this is the dress I’d choose (with a sweetheart neckline I reckon…again with the big boobs!) You can see why though right It’s wonderful.

Thank you so much to the girls at Candy Anthony for having me and to Lisa Jane Photography for coming along to snap these photos. Candy Anthony is located on The South Bank, London and fittings are by appointment only. Dresses range from approx £1000-£2500.

You can see more Candy Anthony brides that I’ve featured on the blog here.

More pretty dresses in the gallery…

Photography Credit: Lisa Jane Photography


  1. My friend is getting married in a Candy Anthony dress in November and you’ve just made me VERY excited to see her in it!

    Great post, loving all the tulle 🙂

    Loveaudrey xxx

  2. Jennie

    they are beautiful!! and What a wonderful idea asking a fantabulous lady who got married in candy anthony to take the pics as well 🙂

  3. The spots, the gingham, the tulle, the bows, the pink, the yellow…helloooooo! I am BEYOND excited I am now a bride and can finally justify trying on these dresses. I love that you can add on and customise them with sashes, petticoats and necklines. Oh and I happen to like you in the leopard and purple petticoat one… Oh and lovely pics Lisa. xo

  4. Fiona

    I’m hoping to get a dress from CA but still got year to go till my big day! Can’t wait to make my first appointment!

  5. RachyLou

    Godamnit, these are ALL amazing! I wish so much I could be a Candy Anthony bride! The leopard print one took my breath away….rethinking all dress decisions….

  6. As if I needed another excuse to feed my Candy Anthony obsession!
    Stunning dresses. I love them all! But particularly the white polka dot one, the yellow one, the purple tulle, the…

  7. Lucy

    THE YELLOW…I almost want to cry! I want to to wear it the day after our wedding…just to ease me back into non wedding planning life.

  8. kathleen

    THE BEAST is what I’m modelling my dress on!! I fell in love at first sight, but am from Australia, wish i could get an original!

  9. LOVE Candy Anthony. Such beautiful dresses – I love the selection here, especially all the polka dots. And love anything with a petticoat really!
    Just finishing my own dress which is quite a similar style; great inspiration here.

  10. laura

    ooo I tried some dresses on there..such gorgeous dresses, really well made and the assistant that worked there was lovely =) I couldn’t warrant the price in the end, but would have def gone for one of their dresses otherwise..!!

  11. luna (laura g)

    I want a candy anthony dress so bad!! and i want a yellow wedding dress! swoon! 🙂

  12. These dresses – and beautiful pictures – just make my tummy go funny!

    I adore them all but if pushed to name favourites I would say that on Kat I agree with all the votes cast already for the leopard print and purple number, and I also love the Beast (!) the yellow, and the lace numbers.

    I just love the high-necked versions and all the fun you can have with the different customisable options make me really wish I’d known about Candy Anthony when I was getting married!

    Yum! xxx

  13. Sharon

    I tried on several Candy Anthony numbers when I was on the hunt for a dress, but – whilst they are gorgeous and the colour combos are fantastic – I decided against on the grounds that they didn’t feel like particularly good value for money.

    The dresses are around a grand each, plus another £300 or so for petticoats, bows, etc. Whilst this is fairly standard for a wedding dress, for that kind of money with other designers you get something that feels like a more substantial product. A CA dress is just a dress, single-layered, cut to a standard pattern (albeit a rather nice one).

    The other thing which put me off is sizing. CA dresses are cut to standard sizes; I have a VERY large bust and am quite short, so the size 12 that fitted round the tits was too big round the waist and shoulders. The big bows hide the waist issue, but it would have needed a couple of hundred quid’s worth of adjustments to make it right.

    I was also rather put off to learn that they charge £300 more for white dresses than other colours, which struck me as another example of that all-too-common phenomenon of bumping the price up as soon as they hear it’s wedding-related.

    In the end I plumped for Ian Stuart’s Jet Set, which has a similar 50s look but with a properly boned and structured body which does a lot more for my figure. And at £945 + cost of adjustments, less damage to my bank balance.

  14. Great article , lovely gowns… i like the yellow on you best Kat!! it goes beautifully with your hair tome x and by weird coincidence , last week I have taken delivery of some polka silk organza… Gonna hit the treddle to the floor !

  15. Lucie

    I am pretty sure I bought ‘the beast’ to get married in March last year…..
    Loved wearing a CA dress, made me feel fab and comfortable ALL day.

  16. Melissa Pepper

    Fantastic article. I got married in a duck egg blue & ivory Candy Anthony dress in March 2009. The lovely ladies that work with Candy are all fabulous. It was such a pleasure for me to have them as part of my wedding planning. Candy Anthony literally created the wedding dress of my dreams! xx

  17. I love this feature I am so excited to go dress shopping at Candy Anthony I literally love all of the dresses 🙂 I get married next May this has made me really excited all over again!

  18. Thanks for coming to see us Kat, we loved it. You’ll have to come back to try the new collection after The Luxury Wedding Show. Hopefully there will be some competition for The Beast!
    Also, just to point out, all of our dresses are designed, hand-cut and made in-house in the UK, fully lined and fully boned, with the option of standard size buying or made to measure, which includes all of your fittings.
    CA Team

  19. Ella

    The leopard print dress with the purple petticoat is to DIE for. Candy Anthony if you are listening please take pity and send me one 

  20. Emma Howard

    This is such a beautiful post – very inspiring!

    Just wish I didn’t live in Australia – It is ridiculously hard to find a store which doesn’t sell 80’s / 90’s full length meringue dresses!!

    All you ladies in the UK should be eternally greatful to have such amazing stores like CA. Enjoy!

    Kat – If you can help me on my hunt I live in Melbourne and would LOVE to know if you have found any stores/dress makers who specialise in 50’s or vintage numbers


  21. OOOhhh, Kat!

    I was there just two weeks ago and tried these dresses – I’m trying to decide now between the Beast (I fell in love!) and the plain sweetheart dress with the tulle overlay – decisions, decisions.

    I’ll keep you posted =D

  22. ‘You’ll have to come back to try the new collection after The Luxury Wedding Show. ‘ CATeam

    I’m coming back!!

  23. rosie

    My best freind had a candy anthony for her big day, the fun she had trying on the dresses!! the shop and everyone who worked there are awsome!! She had a white slash neck low back dress with hot pink petticote and sash for the day time, then the leopard print dress for the night time!!! 2 dresses from Candy Anthony she was one lucky, lucky girl!!!:o) xx

  24. laura

    I have to agree with Sharon on the price.. whilst they are gorgeous dresses, and the fit is great, it was ultimately, the price that put me off buying, but I would say that it’s their location more than anything which makes the prices higher than you’d expect for what, as sharon says, is essentially quite a simple dress design.
    They’re based in Oxo tower, and face London rent prices, I have a feeling this is why they are priced quite highly more than anything, which is a shame..!!
    I guess being in the Oxo tower gives them a lot of exposure to the sorts of people who can afford it though, and many people will stretch their budgets for what are really gorgeous dresses!
    + I had the same with another company on the white dress issue-it’s not the fact that it’s for a wedding, but because the white fabrics are more costly than the coloured in general =(! Rubbish if you want white! But great of you fancy a coloured dress!!

  25. Cheryl Yearwood

    Have you ladies checked out Cutting Edge Brides in Dartford/Bexleyheath Kent?They have fab dresses at fab prices!You would adore them.Well worth a look.If anyone gets a chance to visit,type a reply.I haven’t had a chance to look myself as yet.

  26. Bethany h

    Drooling!!!!! Planning on going to try some on even though I know I probably won’t be able to afford one 🙁


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