A Pink, Ruffled Wedding Dress – Ian & Reisa’s Vancouver Ring Ceremony

I was drawn to one thing when Ian & Reisa’s Vancouver wedding landed in my inbox last week…can you guess what?!

Oh yes the bride’s incredible Allure Bridal dress. Holy pink ruffles Batman! It reminds me a lot of Gwen Stefani’s wedding dress (which was my dream dress when I was planning my wedding back in 2007/2008.)

The couple were actually legally wed in March in Costa Rica but wanted a big party for all their friends who couldn’t attend. The party was held in a furniture store that they own together, The Living Lab.

“I was extremely honoured and excited to photograph this lovely couple once again at their ring ceremony,” explained photographer Melissa. “The last time I photographed these two was for their engagement and at that time, it was February, it was cold and it was also just before they jetted off to Costa Rica for their Wedding. This time around it was June, and although it hasn’t looked like summer, here in Vancouver, it was a pretty hot evening to be wearing a suit!”

“Since not everyone could make it to Costa Rica for their vows, the couple had a delightfully bright and elegant Ring Ceremony here in Vancouver to celebrate with those who weren’t able to attend. It seemed like the perfect extension to their Costa Rican celebration, as photos from their wedding holiday were hung in beautiful gold frames around the reception. So, even if you weren’t there, you were able to catch a glimpse of their wedding day.”

Thanks to Ian & Reisa and their photographer Melissa Skoda for sharing this beautiful wedding with us today…and of course that dress…oh that dress!

Photography Credit: Melissa Skoda
Venue: The Living Lab, Vancouver
Bride’s Dress: Allure Bridal
Bride’s Headpiece: Keely Anderson using a flower from Greenstems
Hair & Make up: Keely Anderson
Flowers: Greenstems


  1. Gia

    OH MY LORD!! this is so incredibly, stunningly beautifil!!!! LOVE the dress and contrast shoes….
    i did the same thing too – and had puple shoes!! have to share a pic or two of mine. 😉

  2. RachyLou

    I have a permanent girl-crush on Gwen Stefani so obvs ADORE that dress! Never would have thought lime green and pink could look that great together- totally rock ‘n’ roll!

  3. wow Pink just amazing not so sure about the pink lady and green man photos tho, but a super duper wedding with great photography

  4. The wedding dress is stunning, I love the pink ruffles and having the groom match the colors. I really love the fullness of the dress and especially like the first picture with the bride sitting with her dress poofed out.

  5. Tiana

    Gorgeous photos. Just an amazing spread of vivid colours. Obviously the dress is outstanding and so unique, but the shots of the shoes and ruffles really brought it to life. Such movement in her photographs. Excellent choice for a posting. Really enjoyed it.

  6. sammykins

    LOVE THE DRESS!!! Where can I get one exactly the same? Was it bought and then dip-dyed?


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