“Une Mariée Tsigane” (A Gypsy Wedding) Styled Shoot

Burlesque performer Roxy Rose was the model for this wonderful gypsy bride (and no we’re not talking a ‘big fat gypsy wedding’ style gypsy bride, think more traditional!) for a styled shoot, the concept of which was dreamt up by Italian photographer Cinzia Bruschini. I am particularly loving the incredibly unique fan shaped bouquet – and yes that is made of real flowers!

Cinzia explains, “This shoot is colourful and playful, in particular we wanted to redefine traditional wedding elements like the flower bouquet and the decorations; the flower bouquet is so daring, made by italian flower designer Roberto Monaldi using a Gregor Lesch technique. It is based on a radial weaved plot finished off inserting flowers (in this case: delphinum blu, dendrobium lilla, gypsophila paniculata).”

“We created other decorations using an old hand design tool: a spirograph! Spirals pattern is on the coloured garland and also on the handmade paper accordion; the result is a very gypsy fancy. The garland is really simple to do and I made it myself. First of all I cut coloured cardboard with round punches in different dimensions and then had a play about with multiple design combinations of spirograph. Then using a needle and sewing thread, I joirned the circles together as a garland.”

Super cute! Be sure to check out the adorable video too.

Thanks to Cinzia for sharing her shoot with us today.

Photography Credit: Cinzia Bruschini
Flowers: Roberto Monaldi
Craft & Set: Ara Marvin


  1. I love the bright strong colours of this shoot. I going to have a go at making one of those fans and I love the colored paper in the accordian. You could write messages inside.

  2. The vibrant colors are insane and totally remarkable! What a great concept and with the green backdrop, incredibly well done.

  3. Awesomeness! Love the colours, and so nice to see a proper traditional gypsy style…and not that gash, god awful stuff on “big fat gypsy wedding” *shudder*


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