Alice & Bruce’s Love Story

May 10, 2011

Alice & Bruce’s story is one of sweet sentiment and love.

As Melbourne based photographer Harvard Wang explained, “Bruce is a motion graphic designer in Malaysia. Alice works in the admin department of Siemens. Bruce is very talkative; Alice is quiet. He’s hyperactive and out going; she’s the introvert and likes to stay home. One thing they have in common for sure is their love for food.”

The couple met back in 1997, in junior high school in Malaysia. Bruce fell in love instantly but their first date was not until 16th March 2000. Fast forward to 16th March 2010 and Bruce proposes to Alice while travelling in Taiwan.

“We’re tying the knot coming November,” Bruce writes. “We wanted to travel around Australia to celebrate our 11th year anniversary. To make the best out of the trip, we decided to have our engagement photos taken in Melbourne, our first stop before Sydney and Brisbane.”

“Harvard used to be my primary school playmate but we lost touch after junior high. When I next got in contact with him, I found out he’s in Melbourne and became quite the photographer. Alice and I like his style very much and thought he’d be a good fit. We were the typical tourists and Harvard was the tour guide. We spent the first day in the CBD going to places like the State Library, the rooftop bar, Federation Square and DeGraves Lane. We rented a car the next day and drove to Mornington Peninsular without a purpose. It was a remarkable road trip experience.”

I just love these! Thanks to Alice, Bruce and Harvard for sharing their story.

Photography Credit: Harvard Wang