Rock n Roll Bride TV – Rock n Roll Bride meets Ali Lovegrove ~ Part 1 of 4: Blogging Basics

After our Photo Night Live Skype interview a couple of weeks ago, photographer Ali Lovegrove spoke to me and said she still had loads of blogging questions that she’d like to ask me, so wondered if we could meet.

Brainwave time!

I’ve been meaning to do some more video blogs but finding the time to do so has been pretty difficult at the moment but Ali’s idea seemed like the perfect new mini-series for the blog.

Over the next 4 weeks, I’ll be sharing the 4 videos that we filmed, all covering different aspects of blogging. I hope you find some of my tips useful. We were both pretty nervous, I was sick (brilliant!), my hair looks…erm…windswept… and we had to rush a little bit due to unhelpful staff at the bar we were in. Self-deprecation over, I hope the content will be useful for all you budding bloggers and the whole (slightly traumatic) experience will have been worthwhile in the end.

Big thanks to Richard of FX Films for filming this for us.

In this first video we discuss:
♥ How to start your blog –  the set up basics
♥ Finding your voice online & knowing what to write about
♥ Thinking about the ‘look’ of your blog and branding
♥ What information to include on your blog and how to write your About Me page

Thoughts please?!

Be sure to come back next Wednesday for Part 2 – ‘The First Few Months of Your Blog’.


  1. This is brill – i’ve only recently started my blog and so am desperately wanting to see part 2 NOW! I feel quite motivated knowing that I am (so far) on the right lines as i’m not a confident writer at all. Hurry up next Wednesday x

  2. Post author

    Oh I’m so pleased Elizabeth! I was worried that people might not find this very interesting so I’m super excited that you did

  3. Great, informative , well done ladies. What about demo of you setting up a blog? Brilliant. Thank you. Eve x

  4. When your still a newbie, everyone says you have to do it – and the reasons make sense, but my degree was maths so i’ve never written essays etc and so whilst i can whip anyones accounts into shape, I didn’t have the confidence to put my ramblings out there for over 18 months! This vid made me think, you know what i’ve done ok so far – i’m on wordpress with a clean easy to nav blog, i’m just not very patient at waiting for the next 3!

  5. Thank you for your feedback! As Kat said we were a bit worried about this first one but now knowing it has helped someone it’s all been worthwhile! Go for it! We’re just as impatient for you all to see the next 3 also 🙂

  6. Great advice Kat. Even those of us that have been blogging for a few years can learn from this common sense advice.

  7. Post author

    Elizabeth thats awesome! of course not everyone is a born writer and there are no rules saying photographers have to write essays on their blogs. Just do what feels natural to you – write as you feel comfortable and it will develop over time

  8. This is a brilliant idea and so helpful for use newbie bloggers! Thank you both for sharing. Really looking forward to the next installments! {I totally agree with you on 3rd person ‘About Me’ pages…just weird.}

  9. Really good advice! Doing the blog thing at the moment, or rather restarted it in recent months. Definitely good to get some thoughts about presentation, style, branding. And yeah, am in the same boat of thought on writing as the 3rd person.

  10. Love this. looking forward to the others. Will be starting my own little blog soon so this is going to be a great help x

  11. I love stories about originally unintentionally sucessful blogs like yours Kat, blogs that don’t intend to have loads of readers when they start but through hard work, tears, love and determination they become a part of who you are… so its really interesting hearing your advice.

    I could have done with something like this when I started!

  12. Excellent video! This is some awesome advice, I am definitely passing this on, thanks ladies! Cant wait for the rest…

  13. Thanks so much for this ladies! I have been struggling with the idea of blogging on my new photography business for a while now and this video makes me realise that at least I’m on the right track! Will be definitely be tuning in for the next ones! And a big thanks to Kerry for suggesting I take a peek! x

  14. Enjoyed that thoroughly, thought you both came across very well , the questions were well put and the answers were very informative, cant imagine what its like being filmed knowing it will go out to so many people, scary I would imagine, so very well done to the pair of you x

  15. This video is super useful! :O) As a new blogger myself, I was really interested in what you have to say- in fact I watched it twice through. At the moment I’m working full time as a Reception teacher, but am developing my blog with a view to pursuing more creative opportunities. I’m not quite sure in which direction I’m going (I enjoy both photography and illustration although have qualifications for neither!) I am looking to develop my skills in both areas and possibly combine the two. We shall see where it takes me, but I really feel my blog is a place to find out! I’ve only been going since January but am enjoying the journey so far. Thanks Kat!

  16. Brilliant advice thanks Kat. I downloaded wordPress a bit ago to have a play but haven’t had time yet, will deff do so over the next couple of weeks. Xx

  17. Great video! You’re awesome, Kat! Ali brought up a lot of great questions. I’m not a photographer but the video still helped me think about what I’d like to do with my own little blog. Thanks ladies! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  18. Shaina

    I think it was straight forward and excellent advice for anyone interested in the subject. Looking forward to the next one! <3 Rock'nRoll Bride

  19. Perfect timing as I have been procrastinating for Britain over starting my blog. It’s given me the kick up the backside I needed!

    Thank you

  20. This was a really useful video – thank you so much for sharing! I only started my blog a couple of months ago, and it’s handy to hear feedback from people who know what they’re talking about! Can’t wait to see the next one!

  21. Jacqui Elliot-Williams

    Really enjoyed it, very useful & video is a great way for your ‘audience’ to connect with you… I’m not sure I could do it though, I was on “This Morning” ( very surreal experience! ) last year & couldn’t watch it back without shutting my eyes & covering my ears ! But if I could, what a great way it is for customers/readers to feel like they know you a little bit .


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