Rock n Roll Bride TV – Rock n Roll Bride meets Ali Lovegrove ~ Part 3 of 4: Sustaining Your Blog & Gaining Momentum

For the third part of this video blogging series, photographer Ali Lovegrove wanted to ask me some questions about building momentum after your blog has been going for a while.

Ps…yes we were cold. We had to move outside for the final two videos and it was freeeezing!

Again, Big thanks to Richard of FX Films for filming this for us. Be sure to check him out if your interested in having any videos made for your own businesses…or of course for your wedding video!

In this video we discuss:
♥ How & why I started taking on blog sponsors
♥ Focusing on other avenues and evolving new ideas within in your business
♥ My working process & how I promote myself/the blog
♥ Ideas that have benefited my business and getting feedback
♥ Why to have regular posts

Pop back Wednesday at 9am  for the forth and final episode in this series, ‘Using other blogs to sustain your business.’


  1. Thanks for these vids, really helpful! Ive been planning setting up a wedding blog for about 3 months and finding out where to begin is a nightmare. Your vids have helped me give it structure and plan what i’m going to do 🙂 Cant wait for the fourth one! xx

  2. Well done as usual Kat you come across the screen so well, perhaps a less windy location next time, and can I ask, is your hair getting pinker ???


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