Rock n Roll Bride TV – Rock n Roll Bride meets Ali Lovegrove ~ Part 2 of 4: The First Few Months of Your Blog

First off, huge thanks for all the positive feedback on last week’s ‘blogging basics’ video. I am so pleased that so many of you found it interesting and useful. In this second part of our four-part mini series, photographer Ali Lovegrove and I discuss what to do in the first few months that your blog is up and running.

Big thanks to Richard of FX Films for filming this for us. If you have your own business and would like to create your own promotion videos, I can’t recommend his services enough!

In this video we discuss:
♥ Whether to put personal information on your blog and finding a balance between professional and personal blogging
♥ Finding your voice and defining your blog through your style of writing
♥ Using images to make your blog stand out
♥ Using social media to get your blog noticed
♥ Getting comments on your blog
♥ How to find out who your readers are and what they want

Be sure to come back next Wednesday for Part 3- ‘Sustaining your blog & gaining momentum’.


  1. Lauren Clark

    I am loving Rock n Roll bride TV-Complusive viewing!!
    And perfect for me……….sat scratching head trying to decide how to start my blog! Cannot wait for part 3 and 4.
    Thank you soooo much for sharing your knowledge
    Lauren x
    (who will be getting stuck into my blog once i finish the day job, you have given me the inspiration to start & not worry to much!!)

  2. Thank you for the comments! Lauren I maintain my blog and photography with a full time job and you just have to do what you can with the time you have! Don’t stress just do what makes you happy and gets you where you want to be 🙂 xx

  3. I am really enjoying this series- lots of useful advice! I only wish the videos were longer- I keep getting all into it, applying the advice to my blog in my head, figuring out what I should do to improve, only to realize I’m already at the end of the ‘lesson’! 🙂 Thank you both for the tips!

  4. Post author

    Ha Jenny that’s interesting! We purposely wanted to make them under 10 mins cos we thought otherwise people might get bored!


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