Kei & Wilson’s Three-Day ‘Camp Kasal’ Island Wedding

Kei & Wilson three-day wedding which they affectionately dubbed ‘CAMP KASAL’ (Kasal is the Filipino word for wedding.) On the first day the couple welcomed their guests, who all stayed over at their venue, and they had an intimate “Welcome to Negros” (Welcome to the Island) evening dinner. They served local delicacies such as batchoy (noodles), inasal (grilled chicken), kadios (A local stew) and apan apan (sauteed leaves).

The wedding ceremony took place the following morning and was followed by a tree planting, a traditional breakfast and fun activities. At lunch the guests were treated to a “Boodle Fight” (a military style of eating where guests sit on long tables and the food is served on top of the banana leaves) lunch roasted pig, grilled fresh fish, steamed veggies and ensalada (salad with tomatoes and salted eggs).

“We had several activites in the campsite for the guests,” explained the bride. “Since this was a camp wedding, there was no internet or television so we thought they could release their creative side by doing some beading, colouring, building toy airplanes, clay making and different activities such as pick up sticks, board games, bubble playing, swimming etc… There was also a SNAP STATION where there were polaroid cameras, Lomo cameras, Analog SLRs that guests could use and return after. Guests were shuttled back and forth to their hotel via a big Sugar Cane Truck.”

“Almost all the details were DIY,” Kei continued. “From the invites to the cord used in the ceremony which was made from different yarn colors and rope. My head piece was also DIY, the bridesmaids carried fresh picked lillies while the groomsmen brought pinwheels while walking.”

“We wanted the wedding to reflect us not just as a couple but also as individuals. When we were thinking of a theme we wanted something classic so we thought of chuck Taylors and corduroys which were a staple in everyone’s closet. We also wanted an adventure for our guests and a vacation for them so we thought of conducting it on a mountain and guests had to travel almost all kinds of transportation — Jeepney, taxi, airplane, bus and even truck. We made sure the trip will be worth it by providing them accomodation, welcome dinner and some meals and a breathtaking view. After the wedding, the guests wanted more adventure and some even decided to make our anniversary an annual reunion and adventure!”

If you want to see more, you can see the couple’s save the date video here and their engagement shoot here.

Be sure to also watch their adorable wedding video…seriously, cutest thing ever!

Big love to Kei & Wilson for sharing their wonderful day with us, and to their photographer (and brother of the bride) Jojo Mamangun for his images.

Photography Credit: Jojo Mamangun
Video Credit: Leo Vision
Venue: Camp Lunao Mt. Kanlaon, Bago City, Philippines
Bride’s Dress: Custom made by John Abul
Bride’s Shoes: Converse
Bride’s Headpiece: DIY
Groom’s Suit: H & M, Linea Italia & vintage
Band: The Edralins


  1. sylvia bambico

    the wedding is unique,its full of love,trust and harmony.parang nag attend ako sa mga pini post nyo,

  2. oh my goodness this is the best idea ever- looks like so much fun!! how lovely to make it an annual thing x

  3. oh gosh oh gosh how super fun this wedding is!
    and yes,one of the coolest thing iv heard from phil weddings so far 😛
    at least something out of the ordinary too!

    kudos to the happily married couple!

  4. Kei and Wilson

    Thank you Kat! I have forgotten my other to-dos because of so much excitement! :o) yes it was super fun and we all still cannot get over the whole event!

    The interpretion of the vows:

    “this mountain is filled with so much love. I promise you that even if our electricity gets cut for 10 months or there’s no more food on the table, I will love you forever” 🙂 yay!

  5. Aleasha

    This is without a doubt the best wedding I’ve seen on here. Full of love and fun. I hope that feeling continues for you for many years to come!

  6. jed

    it was a wonderful wedding the SDE video was great,
    maybe we should also give credits to the Leo Vision for the photos


  7. raschelle canedo

    I love diy weddings. we had a DIY wedding as well and it was perfect. just how we imagined it. DIY weddings definitely brings out your personality and it makes it so real and honest. beautiful wedding, good job.


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