Congratulations Will & Kate

Yeah…I totally got sucked in. It was beautiful and I felt super proud to be British when I was watching it. I didn’t cry but I was tweeting like a mad thing.

And Kate’s Alexander McQueen gown was flipping beautiful. Very Grace Kelly. Very 1950’s inspired. I approve.

I love weddings and I love LOVE and I truly do wish the couple a lifetime of happiness.

Images via The Telegraph

Post edited for this gif cuteness ( via Audrey Kitching)


  1. Kylie

    I was suckered in and watched this event.

    I love how they are truely in love and not just putting it on. How wonderful it must have been to be in the UK at this time. Kate’s dress was very elegant and was very suited to her!!

    Only got a glimps of her shoes, and of her sisters AND would LOVE to see the photographer’s photos that were being taken as she was in the car awaiting to be on her way to the Abby.

  2. Oh I got totally sucked in too! I am stil parading round the living room in a big union jack flag! 🙂 The dress was beautiful and I was blown away by how stunning Kate Middleton looked (I can’t get used to the ‘Catherine’ thing). What a fabulous wedding. Loved every minute of it xx

  3. I totally thought I’d just see what she’s wearing and get back to work but ended up watching from around 10.30 until they left in that cute Aston Martin! aaaand I cried giant tears…. yup, I’m a sucker for weddings & romance.

  4. Those kisses on the balcony were so cute! I wasn’t going to watch it and ended up glued to the tv. Her dress and veil were so lovely and Pippa looked stunning too, i want to see her evening gown now, apparently its another sarah burton….

  5. I loved her dress, exactly what I would have guessed she would wear. Elegant, simple, but the vintage lace “look” and fitted bodice with a soft veil trimmed in the lace…well… GORGEOUS!
    Pleased to have such a classy Royal couple again!

    Robbin Montero
    A Dream Wedding

  6. Wonderful event to lift the countries spirits, have to admit I didnt watch all of it, just the important bits vows, kiss on balcony etc.
    The dress was gorgeous and I was so glad to see her hair was down thought she looked amazing, pleased the kiss was just a nice soft peck on the lips, and they are so in love that you can tell.
    Did anyone notice the Beckhams, why doesnt she smile, I dont understand her.
    Pippa will be a great catch for anyone as she is as stunning as Kate, doubt it will be bad boy Harry though.
    I dont like the title bestowed on them by the Queen Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, doesnt sound important enough for those two.

  7. Awwww sweet. Yes fully sucked in too, and had a pissed granny and sobbing mother through ceremony – though that could have been drinking champagne at 11am in morning when telly broadcast started lol.


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