Photography Friday – Carly, Cocktails & Cats

This week my bestest friend in the whole wide world came to stay. We are officially rubbish and never see each other enough (busy lives and all that) but I know she stalks my blog (her words not mine) so this should be a nice surprise for her this week!

Carly came to stay. We drank lots of these…

(Did you know they sell Cosmopolitan in a bottle now?! I saw it in the supermarket and was instantly sold! It may be a little chavvy but do I care?! They were yummers)

And by the end of the night, our vision looked like this…

(Carly took this photo – I see a new photographic talent emerging don’t you?!)

I love my Carly and I miss her muchly…

(photo from our wedding by David McNeil)


  1. carly

    Awwww. loverly surprise indeed. im sold on the chavvy cocktails too, they’re perfect for the lazy alcoholic! love you and miss you too, come see me soon.

    ps – when i go to work today i’m handing in my notice. I’m going to start a kitten photography business. Talent like that should not be ignored!

  2. hahahaha…… I agree Carly…….I think there maybe a niche in the market…x and how nice to share your bezzy love on here x that’s sweet x

  3. Post author

    (we bought ours from John Lewis tho – they dont have many on their website but there are LOADS of different designs in store!)

  4. amy

    Also how do you drink those Martini’s that are premade, i found them sooooo strong, they could of knocked me out hehe x


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