Sunshine of my Life

Las Vegas strip, yellow sundress love, tattooed back gorgeousness.

Monique & Dustin were already married but they acted as models in Vegas for a WPPI ‘shoot out’ and luckily for them one of the photographers was the fabulous NJ based Feuza Reis.  I love the epic sunshine in these shots, mirrored by their yellow outfits.

Thanks to Feuza for sharing these

Credit: Feuza Reis


  1. Flavia

    Very Cool! I love Feuza’s style!!! very chic and elegant every time!!

  2. Jaira

    beautiful pictures! very well done Feuza! I am very proud of you, and I always knew you were going to prosper in your career!

  3. David

    Feuza! You should be a photographer! You’re pretty good at taking pictures! loool

  4. Jamil

    Awesome Pix Fuz !!! I absolutely love them, great style and awesome composition. You rocked it out girl! Keep it up, love seeing your images, such great work of art.


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