Urban Backdrop to their Love Affair

April 2, 2010

Colin & Sara Jane ‘s mutual affection for all things urban made their choice of engagement shoot location a no-brainer. When they asked photographer Bob Miller to photograph them in downtown Birmingham (USA) for their engagement, his goal was to use the city’s character and their favorite locations as a backdrop for their new love affair…I’m pretty sure he achieved that one! His images are exquisite! They have such a raw, filmic quality to them…le. swoon.

(There’s a couple of their wedding images snuck in here – I couldn’t resist)

Thanks to Bob for sharing these with us today

Credit: Bob Miller


  1. This……..is seriously awesome! Look at the clothing detail, the backdrop, the lighting.. really, really cool! And I love Vancouver!

  2. Very lovely garb. Fantastic inspiration. Location and lighting were perfect. However, I wish the photographer had done more poses than just having them stand there. Have them interact with each other, more than holding hands… So much more could have been done, which I’m sure are just in other photos…

  3. Hannah

    Wow! The detail is so amazing… And the scenery is just such a perfect choice and looks stunning… Fab- just fab! Xx


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