Two Year Marriversary Love

On the 12th April 2007 my boyfriend and I headed to the river for a chilled out 5 year anniversary picnic which ended with him asking me to marry him.

Our engagement session by David McNeil More photos can be seen here

On the 12th April 2008 my fiance and I got married.

Our wedding. Photos by English Rose Weddings. Some of my favourite shots can be seen below (and even more here)

On the 12th April 2009 my husband & I headed to Brighton to celebrate our first year of marriage at the fancy pants Grand Hotel. 

My bridal shoot by David McNeil (more here)

On the 12th April 2010 a long haired husband and a pink haired wife (oh how things change!) will be having a quiet night together. No mess. No fuss. No bells. No whistles. Dinner, Alice in Wonderland at the cinema and love.

The past 2 years haven’t always been easy and haven’t always been blissful but today the computers will be switched off and we’ll just be together. That’s what’s important and that’s how we want to celebrate. Love rocks and I love my husband.


  1. Congratulations to you both. We did/are doing the exact same timeline – 5 years: anniversary proposal, 6 years: wedding day. It looks from your and Gareth’s happiness that it works out great! Happy anniversary.

  2. Happy Marriversary! Can’t believe I am seeing you without Pink hair I am so used to that being your trademark style!!! Anyway, have a fantastic day xxx

  3. ohh congrats… it was my first year anniversary yesterday… I have been reading your bolg since my wedding planning days thanks for inspiring… Gabrielle

  4. Happy anniversary! I like this post and the first photo outside that shop is brilliant. Wishing you another hundred years of happy marriage (& photos)!

  5. I somehow knew your wedding photos would have been this cool. Absolutely gorgeous. Happy anniversary to both of you. Claire xxx

  6. Happy Marriversary!! It’s so lovely to see your wedding photos! They are stunning and you both look so happy and gorgeous! Hope you had a really super anniversary! x

  7. LallieBee

    Lusheroonee – that’s so blissful and so sweet. got that lovely feeling that the worlds alright just reading your entry here. Happy Marriversary xxx

  8. Thanks for the post! I love this wedding, couple and tradition. Great photos to go along.

    On a biggerpicture-note I just started with this blog today and I feel BLESSED to have found it. Fiance was in a rock band for years, and getting married can sometimes feel like you’re losing the rocker in you. I’m looking forward to really DIVING into this blog and checking out more great ideas for rockstar couples. Thanks!


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