Dance Like No One’s Watching

I have to say there is something about Danie & Ilene’s wonderful wedding that makes me totally and completely happy…I can see why Ilene wore ballet shoes – she must have been spinning around all day with joy! The wedding took place at the sunny South African venue of South Hill. Ilene wore a Robyn Roberts  dress with her ballet shoes and looked everybit the ballerina princess.

Thanks to photographers Andre & Stefan for sharing this fabulous wedding. If you want to see more of this couple, go check out their Wacky Woodstock engagement session.

Credit: ZaraZoo Wedding Photography


  1. Doesn’t she look like she should be in You and Your Wedding? Totally LOVE this beautiful look. Less is more and this lady has ‘more’ in abundance.
    Congratulations to a very beautiful lady.

  2. Oh I LOVE these photos-each and every one is awesome. I love their details and how much fun they’re obviously having; what a brilliant couple to have photographed. ZaraZoo are representing for SA-such excellent work!

  3. Hay Guys! Wow thanks for posting this. Oh, Danie here, the lucky guy who married this hottie 😉 We had super fun and as we all know….what a great job ZaraZoo did! Cheers!!!

  4. @ Brandi: I swear, your words are exactly what came to my mind… LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Cool cars are just the most amazing prop.


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