Sugabilly Bridal

February 24, 2010

There’s a little bit of a story behind the finding of this fabulous shoot and I thought in sharing it’s gorgeousness I could also explain how it came to land in my inbox.

As many of you know, my husband Gareth is an IT wizz and works from home. As sad as it may be, we love to watch Working Lunch together when I’m not at ‘the day job’. One such afternoon there was a feature on Emma Jones of Enterprise Nation who works with 5-9 ers – ie people who are mad like me, work a full time job and run their own business from home too. So Gareth turns to me and says “You should drop her an email” and so I did.  Making this connection has been fabulous for me as not only have I been featured on her site, am being used a case study in her upcoming book (hell to the yeah!) but she sends me regular updates on awesome other 5-9 ers that she thinks I need to know.  LeKeux Events was one of these companies. As soon as I landed on their website I knew we’d be a perfect match and after speaking to Lyndsey over email it turned out that she already reads my blog!

Sugabilly LeKeux Events9

Aaaaanyway, to cut a very long story short (er) I saw this amazing Sugabily bridal shoot on their site and just had to feature it….you’re going to go nuts for it! The dress and petticoat were ebay finds, but Lyndsey tells me she swooned over similar things on Vivienne of Holloway (who I ADORE by the way). Enjoy!

Thanks to Emma for putting myself and LeKeux Events together and thanks to Lyndsey for sharing these wonderful shots with us today

Credit: Siren Photographic