Drowning in Sun Light

Makah & Andre’s engagement shoot makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside; and as I sit here in my Slanket and fingerless gloves (I kid you not) I am so excited that they shared them with me! The South American couple met at the party of a mutual friend and they got married in December. After seeing these I am very excited to see their wedding photographs now too…I hope they make me feel just as snuggly warm.


Thanks to Makah & Andre for sharing these with us

Credit: Russ Levi Photography


  1. Pip

    Fabulous pics – loving the light. And also loving the fact you’ve got a Slanket – me too, for Christmas! Can’t beat it for vegging on the sofa, though it does send my hair into a mad mess of static…

  2. Makah

    Kat it’s so exciting to see our pics on your site! Russell Levi is such a great photographer. He flew all the way from Sacramento to Albuquerque to take these shots. Anyone from Sacramento/Bay Area should definitely look him up for their shoot.


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