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Rebecca & John’s summer wedding was so eclectic, so English and just so fabulously unique that I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Rebecca told me all about their ideas and inspiration behind their amazing day, so I’m just going to hand over to her for this one!

John didn’t want to get married in a church, as he is not religious so I had my heart set on getting married outside, because we felt there was a more powerful spirituality in the earth and nature that would bring us together with more meaning than just a civil ceremony. Almost a pagan idea I guess… The marriage scene at the end of Robin Hood Prince of thieves was a major inspiration!

We got married at Hedingham Castle, an 11th century fort in Essex, England. The castle were quite strict in what we could do so we put most of our effort into making the reception at Belchamp St Paul Community Hall, Suffolk, our own. We had said the ‘theme’ of the wedding would be ‘vintage inspired –from the 20s to the 50s’ on the invitation,  mainly because I love the fashions, music, style and glamour of those eras – but I suppose starting the proceedings in a Medieval castle fit in with ‘vintage as well.’

We felt it was really important that throughout the day everything should reflect who we were, rather than conforming to any idea of how weddings should be, Our whole wedding ethos was that it showed our personalities, as it was  day about us after all! and you don’t get a chance to do that again… many traditions stand the test of time because they are lovely traditions such as the cake, the rings and getting dressed up etc, but we didn’t want it to be a generic cookie cutter wedding – and many people said that it showed, it couldn’t have been anyone else’s wedding!

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I had two dresses! One to cater for the whole woodland maiden fantasy aspect and one to party in, in the evening, that catered to my love of the 50s!

 So for in the day, I went looking for a simple, floaty peasant type dress that would be a woodland nymph/Tess of the D’Urbervilles type thing! I pretty much knew I wouldn’t be able to get that from an actual wedding shop so went to a vintage clothes fair held regularly at Chelsea town hall called Frock Me. I saw the dress at a stand by a lovely lady called Flick, who has been involved in some of the Wedding and other wedding magazines fashion shoots, and knew it was the one. My mum said she knew it was the one because I went really quiet when I put it on! It was £150, so pretty much a bargain for a wedding dress.

In the evening I wore a silk white 50’s halter neck, swing/prom style dress from Vivien of Holloway in Kentishtown, an amazing 50s and rockabilly clothing place which is above a motorbike workshop! With two red petticoats underneath to give it that swooshy look, with red peep toe shoes from Zara and red gloves from eBay. I had a red heart with John’s name in also sewed into the bum! And vintage hat/head piece with a veil from a shop on Brick Lane.

Rebecca loved styling her wedding so much she set up her own vintage styling company supplying the things she loves to other brides and grooms to be. Check out her company A Most Curious Party for more info and vintage loveliness to inspire you.

Thanks to Rebecca, John and Ian for sharing this wonderful wedding with us today.


Credit: Ian Johnson Photo


  1. Katharine Moody

    Wow. This is a great wedding idea, for all those split personality brides like myself, torn between mediaeval babe and 50s gal! Thanks, Rebecca, for sharing this. I love it!

  2. Wow, this is such a gorgeous wedding with such sass and style. I love the Vivien Holloway dress and this bride really knows her vintage accessories! Gorgeous. I knew it would be fab, Kat, but didn’t realise how fab! X

  3. Mel

    I own a Vivien dress and they are the most beautiful things in the world!
    My bridesmaids will be wearing them.

    This is such a beautiful wedding, I’ll be checking out the brides website for sure!

  4. Thank you ladies, it’s a year and a half ago now so sometimes I forget how awesome it was (only for about 20 seconds per day though!) so it’s nice to hear that other people still think that too!

    I hear you Katherine, It’s all about Medieval wood nymph crossed with Rockabilly chick for me too!

    Thank you Ian Johnson Photography, for taking such cool shots as well.

    I’m glad to inspire you and if you would like to use anything for your wedding or like that kind of style, please do have a look at my site http://www.amostcuriousparty.co.uk Shameless plug 😉 xxx

  5. Katharine Moody

    Becky, I also love your use of the Maneki Neko. My parnter has lived and worked in Shanghai and Taipei, and we’ve both traveled in Asia and studied Asian culture and religion. I love the idea of combining the Maneki Neko with an opportunity for wedding guests to write messages of well wishing and good luck to the couple. Is it a traditional notion at Asian weddings? Why did you want to include it? I’d love to hear more about this detail of your day!

  6. Hi Katharine, thank you! I am actually half chinese, so that is why there is a bit of Asian influence today, such as the lanterns and the luck cat beckoning the money into the little post box we made to put red packets of money in – another Asian (and fortunate!) tradition.
    But with the messages on the tree, I didn’t actually know it was a Japanese tradition until after the wedding, I got the idea at a ‘fairy fair’! It was for children really, to put wishes for woodland fairies to make come true, but I just like the idea of it as it gave people something to do as that was a bit more involved than writing in a book. And it seemed more of a grand gesture that way, I people might wish a bit harder for them to come true that way!
    Don’t get me started I could write about the wedding for weeks! Are you a photgrapher Katharine? x


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