Two Sides to the Story

December 2, 2009

Allison & Gabe’s wedding day started like every other – excitable, elegant, stylish and full of lurrrrve – then night fell and the chaos and fun of rock star proportions ensued! I love how the couple’s attire matches their mood – beginning of the day – excited, demure and classy (I adore Allison’s simple dress which she got on sale in Bloomingdale’s),  end of the night – ruffled and rocking the hell out (and again I adore Allison’s dress – which she actually made herself – she bought a basic tutu from Etsy but the rest was all her own work!) In fact it wasn’t just the bride who changed – the whole wedding party got changed (the women from pastels into black ruffles – again make by the bride from tutu’s found on Etsy – and the men into dinner suits) for the massive party at the end of the night!

IMG_7927 copy 1

Photographer Inbal me all about the madness,
Allison and Gabe had a ceremony on a boat in the east river, incorporated marriage rituals from basically every religion they could think of (and made up a few of their own), and later had their reception at the Princess Manor in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, who also catered. They had ice sculptures made in their likeness! Kenley from Project Runway crashed the wedding! The bride got so drunk she lost her shoes (I gave her mine and she still has them)! As you can see, they partied pretty hard and made their own rules.

Thanks to Inbal for sharing and of course to Allison & Gabe for being too freakin’ awesome for words!

Credit: Inbal Sivan Photography