Punk Rock with Pink Hair

Although Tiffany & Alan are technically already married, they never had a ‘proper’ wedding and so decided they needed to do it all again – only this time better! The couple, who already have a 4 month old baby (you would never guess after looking at the teeny tiny Tiffany – erm wow hot mama!) will be re-tying the knot next month and I can not wait to see the results!


Thanks to the lovely lovely Stacey for sending these over.

ps don’t you forget about the gorgeous Wristie Love giveaway and the amazing Love Me Do photo contest I’m running right now. Ge those entries in people!

Credit: Molto Bella Photography


  1. I’m just loving these! They flow so nicely together and her hair plays such a wonderful role… Like an anchor point to each one. Fabulous!!!

    Can I borrow the car? Please??

  2. Crittle

    I know the couple and the pictures are very fitting!!
    Congratulations Tiffany and Alan!!!


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