Mad Men Inspired

Sarah & Troy had an intimate wedding at the courthouse and she wore this beeeeautiful vintage retro red dress. The couple had never had professional photographs before so relished with having the super cool Brandi Thompson there by their side. They went for a Mad Men inspired shoot and the results are certainly super cool.


As always thanks to Brandi for sharing!

Credit: Brandi Thompson Photography


  1. They’re so cute! The light coming in through behind the sign is so beautiful. I looove the red dress, that was also my maid of honor’s dress and I’ve wanted to steal it from her since forever!

  2. kim

    love the dress… a little dissapointed in the guys suit though… a little average..
    why is there so much emphasis on the ladys dress in weddings, but a lot less on the groom..

  3. Bravo to a bride who doesn’t wear a big white dress! She clearly picked her dress because she loved it and it looked great so good for her!

  4. Thanks for the comments all. Kim – Not sure how his suit is average.. it’s a really nice suit, I think it’s actually nicer than what he wore to the actual nuptials and he loves it and totally rocked it. Isn’t what’s really important that the person wearing the garment LOVES it (and he does) and not what people on the outside think? 🙂


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