Just Sassy

I recieved this adorable email yesterday…how could I say no?

Now, this couple isn’t tattooed (that I know of) or super outrageous, but they are pretty damn sassy.  We shot these in Duluth, Minnesota and we brought out their dog, their scooter and braved a decaying deer to get some sweet graffiti shots.  I had the HARDEST time choosing which ones to show you, so if you want to see the cute pooch and graffiti pics, you will just have to ask to see more!


Well Stephany was right – cute, sassy and certainly rock n roll worthy. Me likey…

Thanks to Stephany for sharing these with us 

Credit: EyeSpy Weddings


  1. I really love this– just GOOD photography, normal people, good color and not over exposed/photoshopped.. thanks kat for featuring. That dog is adorable as is the couple!


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