Happy Halloween – Bride of Frankenstein

What could be more fitting to a Halloween special that a Bride of Frankenstein bridal shoot…oh holy awesomes! The idea was to put this iconic figure in everyday scenarios – filling the car up, going food shopping – just a day in the life of Frankenstein’s misses!

bride of franstine 3

Thanks to Alley for sharing these

Credit: Alley Kat Photography


  1. Carlyn

    I cannot even put into words how happy these pictures make me!!!!!! I especialy love the one at the laundramat!!!! i think you just made my halloween!!

  2. I could not have done it without my rockin MUA & Hair team… Cathy and Shelby, & Kristen the model. we had a blast going to all the stores and having everyone stare at us.


  3. Kristen

    This was my first photo shoot with hair and makeup and it was so much fun. The photographer, makeup artist, and hair stylist are so talented.

  4. Shelby

    Thanks guys! We did have Lots of fun. There has not been a time that Alley, Cathy and I have gotten together and we didn’ty have fun and also create something wonderful! Be looking forward to our Alice and Wonderland shoot, Those will be great too.

    Thank you Kristen for putting us with us and trusting our ideas, LOL, you did great!


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