A Punk Rock Fairytale

Alysson & David’s wedding was a fusion of traditional, rock n roll and crazy offbeat awesome hair! Even though they were married in a church (that was a converted school by David’s father who is a pastor) this couple certainly dared to walk off that beaten aisle! As photographer, Daniel Krieger said to me…

The couple tore up the dance floor once some loud punk music came on the stereo.. the atmosphere of the wedding was just a chill, fun time.. people with different coloured hair and regular looking aunts all on the dance floor together.

Alysson’s taffeta-free Amsale dress was accoumpanied it with some shoes by Chinese Laundry, bought from DSW

The rock star credentials don’t stop there though. Not only did The Ramones play at their reception (!) but they had a pair of guests, Tish and Snooky, that not only used to be in Blondie (ARRGH!) but are the founders of Manic Panic (kick ass hair colour dye.) I think right now I owe those two a huge thank you for creating such amazing rainbow hair dye!

Thanks to Daniel for sending this off the wall, offbeat, rock star wedding to me!

Credit: Daniel Krieger


  1. So jealous! Tish and Snooky?!?!?! I think my head just exploded. Are these two Punk Rock royalties? How do they know Tish and Snooky?

  2. Kat thanks so much for featuring another wedding I photographed..glad you liked this one! Keep up the great work on your site.


  3. River

    Dave and Alyson are awesome people 😀 as for punk rock royalty HELL YES! you can’t go to a punk show in queens and find one person that matters that doesn’t know them 🙂 Knowing them for so many years has been an honor and a privilege.. Why stop being punk for a wedding?

    By the way everyone “shameless promotion time! Their band is called “the poptarts” and can be found on myspace with a simple band search 😀

    you’re welcome dave lol.


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