W. Scott Chester – Eryn & Craig

…And here’s the third and final installment from W. Scott Chester.  I chose this one because I am in actual love with the location of this one.  It’s stunning.


Eryn + Craig
Married 8.16.08 @ The John Oliver Michael House right outside of Athens. Eryn was quite the crafty bride + rocked the DIY projects to create personal details for their wedding! 
Just one final thank you to Cristen for working with me to make these post’s great…loving your work! (I also have some of their engagement shoots that no doubt I will post sporadically over the next few days!)


  1. Post author

    i know exactly what you mean. i love the one from the first wedding i posted, of sarah and her bridesmaids where the photo kinda goes blurry at the edges, that effect is so cool!


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