Marie Antoinette – To The Extreme!

Photographs like this just stop me in my frantic wedding-searching tracks.  This couple have totally taken the Marie Antoinette theme to the extreme!  As always, seeing such inspirational pink haired Brides makes me cheerful to be candy myself!

Clicky here and here for more photographs from the Nicole & Jeremy’s wedding and bridal shoot (you have never seen anything like it!)

Credit: Vorpal Images


  1. Glad you liked our work, thanks for the credit. Jeremy and Nicole, friends of ours, are incredibly beautiful people. They spent a year doing almost everything for this wedding by hand. They sewed their own outfits, sequined their own vests/accents, and even made their own taxidermy style peacocks.

    They’re very wonderful people, and their wedding was the most enjoyable I think I’ll ever be to.

  2. Post author

    Wow by hand! It certainly doesn’t look like a DIY wedding! It is absolutely amazing!

  3. This is one of my favourite weddings ever. Such an original theme and loving attention to detail – you can tell they’ve had so much fun planning this and putting it all together. Thanks so much for posting this!

  4. Flora

    ohmygodd, Jinxx darling what the heck are you doing??? :”D rotfl that’s simply amazingXD (our satanic Jinxx…x”D)


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