March 24, 2009

Is this the greatest name for a company ever!? It conjures such cute, girly, pink ‘n glittery images in your head…but then when you check out their work – bam! you realise how wrong you were!

Siobhan & Darah are the photographers behind the modern, edgy, urban lens’.  Based in Philadelphia, they pride themselves on taking a fashiony, editorial approach to wedding photography, resulting in some pretty amazing images!  No one could accuse these guys of churning out the norm.

 Landa and Jeremy were the perfect couple for the girls to shoot – they wanted wedding photographs that were edgy and sexy, and isn’t that exactly what they got?!  I am in love with the Bridesmaids in particular – the mismatched black dresses are just one of my all time favourite bridesmaid dress choices!  Flattering and sexy, what’s not to love?

Credit: DollFace Studio