Taza & Husband

February 16, 2009

Remember this gorgeous couple?  Well I stumbled across a random photographers website (Nicole Hill) as I usually do in my blogging searches and I found this series of gorgeous little photographs featuring the couple.  I am in love with this couple.  I know nothing about them by I want to be them, they just seem so super happy.


Credit: Nicola Hill


  1. Emilie

    I adore the shoot of Amy Wagner and Jesse Atomic’s wedding that was, IMO, the best of the year!

  2. Kat, through your site I’ve been introduced to so many cool bloggers whose personality/styles I’d fall in love with through their photos on your site. The Alice in Wonderland couple are expecting their first child any day now and boy are they going to be some rockin parents!

  3. Kate

    Hey Kat!! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!! Thanks so much for including us in this amazing line up, we are totally honored. You rule!!!!!!


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